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10 Awesome Tips To Start Your Own Community Garden

Always wanted to get into gardening? Now's your chance, here's how! Naked Juice has teamed up with Wholesome Wave, and with the help of consumers, donated 150,000 pounds’ worth of fresh local produce to underserved communities.

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2. Then choose which produce your neighborhood climate is best for.

Martin Cathrae / Via Flickr: 34067077@N00

The best vegetables for any garden are: broccoli, peas, beans, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, red bell peppers, beets, leaf amaranth, carrots, and leafy greens. Read more about them here.

5. Use bricks and imported soil for urban areas.

Gabriel Kamener, Sown Together / Via Flickr: 42647587@N06

According to the Food Empowerment Project about 2.3 million people live further than one mile away from a supermarket without any means of getting there. Given the distance from fresh produce many people face, community gardens in urban areas are a must!