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The Biggest Hip Hop Producer 'Avi Messika' In The Middle East

Hip Hop Producer 'Avi Messika' has been doing a lot over the past few months to securing a release on Records.

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His buzz as an artist is just now bubbling with his records, and now a bigger budget to play with, this could just be the beginning for Avi Messika. The self-taught, self-made producer/rapper/engineer took another client's beat and totally flipped and revamped it. The Israel native left his home and his fame as a rapper to come to New York and make it as a producer because the American market for music is much larger.

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Avi Messika is currently working on his current song which he says is his best yet, the GPG entertainment will be due to be released in early 2017 and he takes aim at rap song.

Avi Messika currently has over 90000 on Facebook and has more than 100 million video views on his latest musics on YouTube.

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