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10 Reasons Shaving Is The Literal Worst For Women

Why do we do this to ourselves? Cut the misery and make your smooth last longer with Nair.

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1. There's that one spot that you ALWAYS miss.

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2. And when you remember to *specifically* shave that spot, you discover a NEW spot you missed!

3. You shave. You get cold. You get little prickly goosebumps and all your hard work is kaput.

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4. Razors are weirdly expensive.

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5. Razors are always deadly sharp until you use them once, then they're dull and — ew — rusty.

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6. Two words: razor burn.

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7. The amount of contortion needed to reach everywhere turns the shower into a death trap.

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8. You get itsy-bitsy nicks that slow bleed for hours. LITERALLY HOURS.

9. It adds a solid 10 minutes to any shower no matter how fast you move.

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10. And unless you were blessed with invisible hair, you have to do it again tomorrow.

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Skip the shower trauma with Nair and get a smooth that lasts longer.