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    • nainoam

      The Google folks and Buzzfeed have missed the biggest change of all…  Plant life in the oceans, the ocean plankton pastures have been collapsing atarate where in every five year span of time an equivalent amount of plant life disappears from the ocean as if we’d eradicated the entire Amazon Rainforest. The data is very solid that this has been taking place for decades. Since the early 1980’s when the earth observing satellites were placed in orbit we’ve seen this as the loss of6entire rainforests worth of plants and biodiversity being exterminated. Here’salink for more technical reading… But the situation is far from hopeless. In fact we’ve shown that replenishing and restoring the ocean plankton pastures and bringing back entire rainforests of life and biodiversity is easily done. Our demonstration project last summer and the ongoing study of the hundreds of millions of measurements we made show the ocean returns to life with justalittle help, justalittle rock dust.  As the ocean pastures return to life the fish come back. Billions of tonnes of CO2 can be converted into ocean life atacost of mere millions not the hundreds of billions the world now struggles to pay to doafraction of the job. read much more on the blog

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