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    • NahBrah

      I MIGHT BE FULL OF SHIT HERE SO FEEL FREE TO CALL ME OUT ON IT: Buuuut, isn’t the Anime tradition of men loving men who look like ladies based off the samurai culture of pederasty, where they made their young twink looking squires/lovers dress up in women’s clothes (and get boned)? Is it necessarilyagood thing to celebrate the cultural after affects of state sponsored pedophilia?
      Next buzzfeed article “For some reason these Chinese TV characters have foot fetishes AND THAT’S SO SEX POSITIVE AND AWESOME (even if it kinda comes fromathousand years of mutilating ladies’ feet) I’m not saying all of it is bad/comes from that. It’s certainly good to have homosexual characters and relationships on television, but let’s not go overboard assuming all things “gay” are automatically “progressive” LIKEISAID,ICOULD BE SO WRONG ABOUT THIS, SO FEEL FREE TO TELL ME SO IF YOU THINK YOU BAD

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