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15 Reasons To Celebrate Big Bang's Comeback

In 2015, Big Bang made their long-awaited comeback after 3 years of hiatus and solo activities, driving their fans into delirium.

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1. In continuation of their hit single Fantastic Baby...

2. K-pop Kings Comeback

3. And it's out of this world

Alice in Wonderland meets Capitol fashion?

4. With experimental hairstyles

Giving up eyesight for looks.

Giving up eyesight for looks.

5. Killer music videos

It's more than Fantastic, Baby.

6. And not to mention innuendos.

7. Dominating shows

8. With disregard to recited choreography..

9. And disregard to 'idol image'

10. Nevertheless it's all packed with fun


12. And Big Bang has returned

Winning our hearts again.

13. So let's take a moment to celebrate...

14. To Nine years of Big Bang

15. And more to come!

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