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The 30 Stages Of An Indian Wedding

We at The Big Fat Indian Wedding Magazine have been to our fair share of weddings. From the vast array of aunty-approved, sari-spun, burfi-filled Bollywood dreams we've attended, we were able to put together this list of key emotions you go through at an Indian wedding

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1. When you find out your cousin is getting married:

2. When you realize you have to fly halfway around the world to attend the wedding:

3. Seeing all your cousins again:

and then pretty soon after:

4. Being reintroduced to the cackling (match-making) Aunties you haven't seen in years:

5. Dealing with all of their questions about whether you have a boyfriend, are going to medical school, visit your parents often, etc.:

6. Getting ready for the Mehndi Night and Sangeet:

7. Accidentally smudging the mehndi: / Via disneygifs

8. Accidentally on purpose smudging mehndi all over your sister:

9. Being asked for the 20th time since landing when you're getting married:

10. Partying till morning:

11. Having to wake up early for the ceremony:

12. Seeing the groom's Baraat:

13. The non-Desis who have never been to an Indian wedding before:

14. Listening to the priest:

15. Getting to steal the groom's shoes:

16. Realizing that you're now the oldest unmarried girl in the family:

17. Seeing the bride cry with her parents:

18. Getting ready for the reception:

19. Seeing the chaat table:

20. Trying the weird fusion dish that's meant to honor the groom's ethnic makeup:

It's Indo-Ameri-Mexi-Brit-Italian.

21. Watching the baby cousins throwing shapes on the dance floor:

22. Dodging Aunties to get to the open bar:

23. Getting caught by your grandma when you're taking shots:

24. When 'Ainvayi Ainvayi' comes on:

25. Finding a pretty brown boy who isn't related to you

26. The Uncles dancing:

27. Drunk photo boothing with the cousins:

28. Partying till morning for the second (or possibly third or fourth) night in a row:

29. Tea brunch the next morning:

30. Getting on the plane back home:

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