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    15 Wedding Moments When People Realized That The Marriage Was Doomed

    If I were the bride in #10, I'd be SO mad.

    Weddings... ah, a joyous occasion! Well... most of the time! Let's be honest... sometimes you can tell when a couple will not last long!

    So, when reddit user u/Olya_roo asked, "What wedding moment made you think: they are not going to last long?" the comments came flooding in, and oh wow, some of these are pretty obvious.

    Here are some of the responses that made me say, "Yikes!"

    1. "When the maid of honor professed her love for my brother during her toast at my brother's wedding... and her husband walked up to the head table, picked her up and carried her away before she could embarrass him further. They lasted about 3 months after that. My brother and his wife on the other hand are still happily married 20 years later."


    2. "Showed up to the wedding of a friend of my husbands who I knew casually. When we arrived at the church the groom was very drunk in the parking lot - and getting drunker by the minute. I thought it was kinda nuts since it was a full Catholic ceremony which involved lots of kneeling and standing... I honestly have no idea how he made it thought that, but he did.

    At the reception, he proceeded to continue the drinking party, while his new wife cried in the washroom. When it was time for the first dance he kind of stumbled around the dance floor despite a year of dance lessons. When it was time for him to take his new wife's garter off and throw it to the bachelors - he instead, did a strip tease type dance and got himself down to his underwear - in front of many elderly family members. People were shocked and talking and all in all it was a shit-show.

    I gave this marriage a year or two tops. They, however, are still married 25+ years later."


    3. The entire bridal party, including parents of the wedded couple, entering in to a betting pool of how long the marriage would last, at the wedding reception. IIRC the best man won (price is right rules) at 14 months."


    4. "When the groom went in for the kiss after their vows and the bride presented her cheek instead. They divorced less than a year later after it was discovered she had been cheating on him pretty much their entire relationship. I hope you're doing better Isaac."


    5. "I was the best man at a wedding a few years back. At the rehearsal dinner, his future in-laws were treating him like crap. They were bossing him around, making him do crap, and talking down to him. They didn’t let him hang out with his groomsmen afterwards while the bride went out and got drunk. They are now divorced.

    Yes he should have stood up for himself. His Ex’s parents were making him do crap for the wedding the next day and he was too nice to say no.

    For you youngsters out there, this is cliche, but you really do marry the family and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree."


    6. "Two friends of mine got married, and when they gave their vows, the guy started laughing at the part about being faithful. Oops."


    7. "Groom got into a fist fight with the father of the bride. Split after 4 months."


    8. "The groom took the stupid cake thing to an extreme. The bride had given him his bite, and mushed a little on his chin or nose. He then took a piece and MASHED it into her face so hard that I was expecting her to end up with a bloody nose. Cake and frosting got up her nose, in her eyes, down the front of her dress, etc. The bride had to go get cleaned up, had her makeup re-done, and was ugly-crying within an hour of saying, 'I do.' He didn't give a fuck."


    9. "This was my sister's best friend and it was a bachelorette party moment. Bride had been having an affair, everyone knew it. The groom's friends tried to tell him, but she convinced him they were making it up. I mean, at that point it was just sad. She actually had the balls to force fiancé to apologize to the guy she was sleeping with for the accusations.

    The night of the bachelorette party she actually took all her bridesmaids back to the other guys house and spent the night with him. He came to their wedding. It was SO AWKWARD. Everyone knew and everyone was talking. The groom was told, but chose to overlook it. After the wedding she insisted the other guy come on vacations with her and her husband and included him in all their social functions. Now, if they're non monogamous, whatever, go crazy! But her husband was an absolute wreck about it for years and she just kept gaslighting him. No one could convince him to leave her. She told my sister that affair guy insisted he would never marry her and didn't want kids so she was using fiance to get them. They ended up divorcing two years later after their second child was born. She immediately moved in with affair guy and they did end up getting married."


    10. "When the groom started off his speech by saying, 'We all know I didn’t want to get married but we’re here for bride and child we had together.' 1 year, 3 months later they were finished."


    11. "I was the maid of honour, they seemed like the perfect couple, together for nearly 10 years and had this big, expensive, beautiful wedding. Bride would have been happy with a small event but told me groom had a big family and had insisted. Alarm bells hit when I sat with her parents in the front row and realised the groom to bride ratio was so massively off. The groom had three best men, as well as ushers etc. His sister and one best man read something during the ceremony (and then all three said long speeches about him at dinner). It was all about him. The photographer was even his friends Mum, so she kept whisking away the boys for these ‘hilarious’ lads shoots. The bride was ignored most of the day and in the evening he got too drunk, spilt a drink over her wedding gown and danced with his friends. It felt more like a big birthday party than a joint event.

    I’d never seen that side to him, but I felt so sorry for my friend, it was like she was just there to be a prop to his plans and look good.

    Three months after the wedding he began being emotionally abusive. A month after that he admitted he’d been having an affair for years, then left.

    If I hadn’t seen the way he behaved at the wedding, I never would have guessed he had that in him."


    12. "The most beautiful wedding I've been to ended in divorce. Venue was where the groom's father is buried and he cried as he made his vows to the bride there. Turned out he'd been cheating on her for months and they divorced a while later. Something so repugnant about marrying someone you're cheating on practically over your father's grave. To date it's the only wedding I've been to that ended in divorce."


    13. "They got secretly married at the local Town Hall out of spite to the girl's father who did not agree with the relationship. This happened right out of high school and they divorced during my sophomore year at college."


    14. "He ended up at the emergency room between the ceremony and the reception. He went out out the night night before with his sister and friends and got plastered. They had to hold a cold pak to the back of his neck to keep him vertical during the wedding photos. Marriage lasted 30 days until they had a fight, she left the house and he filled the U-Haul truck with everything but her clothes."


    And last but not least....

    15. "We noticed during the wedding the soon to be Mother-in-Law of the bride was insufferable. Every chance she could she would make it about her and her son the groom. God forbid she let her new daughter-in-law have the spotlight.The mother-in-law had the photographer follow her around for most of the wedding. Most pictures have her in it. She was always near or around her son, but like always touching him too. It was weird. We joked that all 3 of them are going on honeymoon together.

    She gave an hour long toast about how she is still the most important person in her son’s life. I think she said something like, 'You may be his wife, but he’ll always be Mommy’s little boy.' She always went into way too much detail about how she breastfed and changed his diapers.

    She danced with her son more than the bride. And I’m talking not 60/40. Like 90% of the time it was mother and son dancing. At one point she was even bumping and grinding on him.

    So at no point did my girlfriend and I think the bride was going to put up with this crazy MiL for more than a couple years. Sure enough she got pregnant soon after the wedding. A couple months after the baby was born she filed for divorce."


    Now that you've read this wild list, do you have any stories from weddings that were clearly not going to last? Let us know in the comments!