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Suprise! Best Ever Gift For Gamers!

Don't miss it! Hi-Rez Studios wants to treat all gamers around the world with their 20th anniversary present - free games of TRIBES series. And not only...

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1994 - Earthsiege

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20 years old game. Don't complaint about game graphic! You with your squad must deliver some mechanized payback. Deliver or die!

1996 - Earthsiege 2

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It's bone and blood against steel and silicon! You must win!

1998 - Starsiege: Tribes

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It's 2829. Monsters of power and metal that are built by the Empire are ready for the next Cybrid invasion. You or them?

2001 - Tribes 2

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It's not just you, it's a team combat! Bring your team to victory!

2002 - Tribes: Aerial Assault

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Your mission is to destroy enemy bases that are heavily defended. Are you on a mission?

2004 - Tribes Vengeance

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The first ever single player campaign! Fly higher and be faster!

2012 - Tribes Ascend

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Don't miss your opportunity to play World's Fastest Shooter! Earn your credits, battle against other players. Your Tribe is the superior!

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge - from Origin

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There is a conflict due to Soviet forces entered to American soil. Lead Allied or the Soviet troops to victory in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Or defeat an army of Soviet force in Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge.

Warning! It's unknown for how long above mentioned games will be available for FREE. Take your copy now!

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