I gave you 10 romantic movies perfect to watch on a date and I am coming back with another list of even more romantic films. My list might surprise you but I can assure you – the girl you like will love these movies. Choosing one of these movies will guarantee a romantic evening with your beloved...

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I told you I will be back with more romantic movies your girlfriend will love. Guys – you needed the first 10 movies, and you need another 10. Basically - you need any help you can get!And girls – treat my article as an insight into your boyfriends’ way of thinking. He probably has a similar opinion on those movies as I do. And this only proves how much he likes (or loves) you if he is willing to sacrifice so much, just so you can watch a movie you like :-)

1. A Walk To Remember

A movie you are definitely going to remember. Not because it is so great. No, no… You will be so sick of it you will seriously consider that someone poisoned your popcorn. Life is not that good though. It won’t be a chemical poison - it will be a poisonous movie!

You ask yourself – how can this movie be so bad? Well, let’s put the pieces together: 1. Preachers teen daughter (Oh! and a virgin); 2. School team captain (Definitely not a virgin) 3. A deadly disease; 4. A relationship “against all odds”. Now you see why? Or do I have to be more explicit? No? I thought so…

Regardless of all that – it is a perfect date movie and girls love this story. My advice? Get a bit drunk before watching it. Or learn how to sleep with your eyes opened.

2. When Harry Met Sally

If you have a “platonic friend/girlfriend” problem, invite her to see this movie with you. It is a story of two people who don’t believe in platonic friendship between men and women, but become friends and after years realize they love each other. It is a good inspiration story and a little "hint" for her.It is also a good film itself.

With an Oscar nominated script and Billy Crystal being really sarcastic and ironic. Consider When Harry Met Sally when choosing a date movie YOU would like to enjoy as well.

3. Moulin Rouge

The musical/comedy/romance extravaganza. Full of visual effects, beautiful costumes, breathtaking choreography and new versions of your favorite songs (including one of my personal favorites – Queens' “Show Must Go On”). A tragic love story starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. Everything is just so gorgeous and astonishing.

It is a great date movie BUT! There is only minor risk: if you show too much excitement in the movie (like: start singing with the actors, or cry at the end) there is a slight possibility that your beloved will take it as a sign that you can become her PLATONIC friend, because you are not interested in her, but in Ewan McGregor… So be careful my friend!

4. The Wedding Planner

A good, typical date movie. Jenifer Lopez is a wedding planner and she prepares a wedding party for a guy with whom she falls in love (played by the always super-sexy Mathew McConaughey). Will he marry her or stay with his fiancée?

I hate these existential questions! They are truly unanswerable! Fortunately the movie helps providing all the answers. Uffff… Anyway – If there is anything for men in this movie, it is the few hints on how to seduce a woman by not showing her that you are interested in her. Try finding these clues and learning the technique.

5. You’ve Got Mail

I had Sleepless in Seattle on my first list and told you everything with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is a guaranteed date movie. This movie is no exception. But I have to warn you (again). It is a romantic comedy about two bookstore owners… Yeah. BOOKSTORE owners! Some coffee before the screening wouldn’t hurt. And neither would some self-pinching while watching.

6. 50 First Dates

You might like Adam Sandler’s sense of humor and think there is no way he would make a classic romantic comedy. Well, you are wrong. 50 First Dates is slowly becoming a classic, and women’s favorite Sandler movie. Check this out – a guy falls in love with a girl, they spent a beautiful, romantic date and the next day the girl doesn’t remember him. Why? Because she is suffering from Goldfield's Syndrome (a made up name - but an existing condition similar to short term memory loss and Anterograde amnesia). So if the guy wants to be with her, he has to make her fall in love with him every day…

This is just a perfect romantic story to watch with a girl. And – frankly – there are some pretty good ideas you can implement on one of your future dates.

7. Notting Hill

Hugh Grant is almost-every-woman’s favorite actor. He is charming, he has a British accent, and he looks like a guy you could actually meet in real life. Your girl would probably want to see every movie he is in, and torture you with Bridget Jones Diary, About a Boy, Sense and Sensibility, Two Weeks Notice, Music and Lyrics… I can’t promise you this won’t happen if you see Notting Hill with her. There is always some risk involved in watching romantic movies with your girl.

Anyway, Notting Hill is a love story of a beautiful American actress and a British bookstore owner from London. And it features a ton of romantic songs, so you can watch the movie on one night, and play the soundtrack on another. You won’t regret it. Trust me.

8. French Kiss

Is there a better place to set up a romantic comedy than France? The countryside, the views, sculptures, the culture and (of course) Paris. Ask your girlfriend if she would want to go to Paris for a romantic vacation and you will find out for yourself. That is why a romantic movie taking place in France, especially in Paris, is good to watch on a date.

French Kiss has all the important ingredients of a perfect date movie. It is quite funny, it has charming Kevin Kline, clumsy but still adorable Meg Ryan and a romance story with a little twist (I say twist, but you know how the movie is going to end from the very beginning).

9. Wall-E

A weird choice, wouldn’t you say? Well, let me explain it. I know, I know – it is a cartoon, and there are so many other romantic cartoons, why should I watch Wall-E, the movie about garbage, fat people and the environment?

Because it will take her by surprise! She will not expect Wall-E to be a love story, and fall into your “trap” immediately. I promise you – the second your girlfriend hears this little robot saying “Wall-E” with that adorable voice and “face” expression of his, she will fall in love with him. Maybe after the movie you will become her “little robot”? That should be your goal. ;-)

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I wanted to finish my second list of “10 Best Movies to Watch on a Date” with something different. Something the both of you can enjoy, something that is not a typical romantic movie, but after you think about it – it is one of the best love stories you have ever seen.

That is why I chose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey and script from the brilliant Charlie Kaufman. It is a story of a man, who found out that his longtime girlfriend has chosen an experimental procedure to erase all her memories about him. He decides to do the same. But during the procedure he realizes he still loves his ex-girlfriend. Loves her with all his heart. He cannot stop the “operation” as he is unconscious, sleeping. What to do? Will he forget about the only woman he truly loved? Can he somehow hide his love in his memory? And to get the big picture – is it possible to erase someone from our memory?

This movie is deep. And it might not be a good idea to watch it if either of you are not into thinking while watching a movie (or are not into thinking at all). That is why it is the last movie on my list. I am sure there are many viewers who will find this movie weird. Yes. It is weird. Just like

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