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Guy Does His Whole Face Of Makeup With A HARD BOILED EGG

Forget brushes, sponges, or even fingers! Nadi applies all of his makeup with a hardboiled egg! In this first installment of Project Object, Nadi wanted to start off with a boil...I mean a bang! He started with foundation which, oddly enough, was flawlessly applied with the egg! He then blended out his YSL highlighter and moved straight onto powdering his face. Eyeshadow was simply a breeze, however, contouring his cheeks was where he ran into hot water. Not only would the contour powder not blend, it became gooey from the egg juice! Despite the hardship, Nadi moved onto lipstick application, where he applied lipstick directly to the egg, and applied that to his puckered lips. The look actually turned out pretty well!

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