Who Is The Supreme? American Horror Story: Coven Season Finale

Surprise, Bitch. Bet you didn’t see that coming. WARNING: spoilers for “The Seven Wonders” and other badassery.

The young witches of Miss Robichaux’s Academy prepare to take the 7 Wonders test. Only one can be America’s Next Top Supreme. But who will it be?

Not Misty…

Poor Misty Day perishes while crossing into the netherworld to complete the 7 Wonder, Decensum. Trapped and unable to find her way back, Misty turns to dust in Cordelia’s arms. RIP to our favorite Stevie Nicks Fangirl.

Moving along…

Madison and Zoe continue to fight for Kyle’s frankenlove while completing the concilium wonder of mind control. Are either of them the supreme?

Please, bitch. Bring it.

But then this happens…

Zoe impales herself while playing a disastrous game of Transmutation tag. And then there were two…


Devastated by Zoe’s death and furious at Madison for refusing to perform the 7 wonder that would bring Zoe back from the dead, Kyle takes her out. Kyle NO!

It’s not Myrtle

Myrtle snow is burned at the stake for the second time this season. Her final words to the coven? BALENCIAGA!!!!! Rock on Myrtle.

And Queenie?

No, it’s not her. That’s too bad because she would have made an awesome supreme.

Then THIS happens…

WHATTTT? Just when we were starting to get somewhere BAM! Fiona is back. But, not for long. She dies in Cordelia’s arms shortly after.

SO who is the supreme? You’ve probably guessed by now…

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Just kidding! Drum roll please….

American’s Next Top Supreme is none other than…

Cordelia Goode

All hail the new Supreme

Supremely baddass

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