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10 Reasons Why Instagram Isn't So Good For Your Mental Health...

Is it time for youth and millennials to re-evaluate their social media habits?

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1. Increase in depression.

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This may not come as a surprise, but constantly checking your Instagram for what other people are doing with their lives can lead to a rise of depression in YOUR life through many means. Some of which include jealousy, loneliness and feelings of inadequacy for not being able to have as many material things and experiences as posted by your peers.

2. FOMO, FOMO, and more FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!

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That feeling of being left out when you see a post of your friends partying at an event you were not invited to and then questioning what you did wrong to not be invited… or maybe they secretly don’t like you? Instagram photos definitely gets the average user’s imagination going of the story behind that picture. Experiences like this can make a person self-conscious and just plain sad.

3. A diminished sense of self-worth.


You start basing your self worth and likeability as a human person on the amount of virtual ‘likes,’ ‘follows,’ ‘retweets,’ and ‘shares’ you receive as an online person. This can decrease your confidence and cause problems with self-esteem if you receive a number of likes that is less than desired.

4. Narcissism.

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All those selfies, all that self-promotion galore! While selfies are not all that bad, having an Instagram feed littered with them along with humble-bragging can set off the wrong impression for those who visit your profile. Not to mention, all that time spent taking the perfect shot and then the hassle of filters and editing can make you self-conscious about what you perceive to be your flaws. Having a self-inflated view of yourself is not cute either…

5. The stress of keeping up a façade.

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Let’s face it: Instagram is fake as ever. Nobody’s life is actually that picture perfect, just like nobody’s skin is really that clear. The amount of work behind creating the ideal life on Instagram is enormous – from attending an event, getting the outfit together, doing your hair and makeup, the perfect pose and angle, the lighting, smile, and how good the food looks on your plate. Oh and by the way, make sure it still looks natural and oh so candid!

6. Technology addiction.

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Social media addiction, internet addiction, phone addiction, (addiction to checking on your ex’s feed) whatever you want to call it. It’s addicting we get it, and we’ve all been there. However, when it gets to the point that your checking your device every couple of minutes and feeling absolutely miserable that should be a telltale sign that your mental health and well-being are suffering.

7. Comparison.

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By now, we’ve all heard that comparison is the thief of all joy and Instagram is a fertile ground for this. Young men and women comparing their looks, material possessions, cars, shoes, muscles, etc. to every other person on the photo-sharing application. It can lead to feelings of worthlessness and not being good enough when our uniqueness should actually be celebrated!

8. Poor communication skills in real life.

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Have you ever met someone after browsing their Instagram profile and they were nothing at all like you expected them to be? Maybe their posts were super political and spiritual with tons of quotes and ‘do-good’ tendencies – but in reality they could barely hold a conversation on those so-called topics of passion? It may be because they base so much of their lives around social media that they forgot how to talk and interact with people in real life – cringe.

9. Hyper-sexualization (especially of the female body).

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With the introduction of photo-sharing sociality it is so easy for women to be sexually targeted by trolls and disrespectful, misogynistic peers. A lot of memes that are circulated on Instagram are degrading towards women, and the feminine form is often criticized for being too sexual, too prude, too confident, too fat, too skinny etc. Some girls may even fall victim to cyber-bullying because of their posts and an overall unhealthy view of oneself.

10. Deception & Lies.

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Everyone is a ‘photographer’ and everyone is a ‘model'. Yes, Instagram is a great platform to use to get yourself out there if you have a legitimate career in one of these fields, but it has also allowed masses of people with no training in these respective areas to present themselves as if they are professionals. Not only is this super annoying, but it can also cause a lot of problems with scams and money. And what about those obvious sponsored ads Instagram/YouTube personalities post for a quick payday? Many times they do not use or believe in the products themselves.

However, keep in mind...

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All hope is not lost! Instagram will always remain a great place to express yourself and your unique journey of life through a clean-cut, square photo. The social media giant has even implemented a new tool where if a user’s photo raises concern to another user, that photo can be ‘flagged’ and the original poster will receive self-help information (i.e. suicide hotlines, counselling information etc.). This is amazing for removing the stigma around mental health.

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