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  • What Haircut Should You Actually Have?

    You got: a wild, curly mane. You’re the least pretentious person on the planet. You exude an innate confidence, which means you never have to try hard to be super cool. However your hair grows, there it is — although you’re not above spending the time and money it takes to look your best.

  • Which Chemical Element Are You?

    You got: Aluminium You’re cool and adaptable. You make yourself at home in most situations, but you’re happiest in your own space. Which there’s a lot of, because you’re the most abundant metal on Earth

  • Which “Breakfast Club” Character Are You?

    You got: John Bender Your life has been hard. Harder than people realise. And though some see you as cocky and rude, you know that this is just your go-to defence mechanism. Underneath the jokes (and the denim) there’s a heart of gold — but that doesn’t mean people have to find that out

  • What Star Sign Are You Actually?

    You got: Leo You’re warm, bright and magnanimous. You’re incredibly generous with your time, and everyone loves spending time with you because you’re so caring.

  • What Kind Of Dad Do You Have?

    You got: Sports Dad Going to sports games was a staple of your childhood, thanks to your dad, the ultimate fan. Whether it was Little League or rooting for the Cowboys, your dad could always be found glued to or the stats page of the paper. His idea of dressing up is a team T-shirt, and he always encouraged your competitive spirit

  • Which Little Miss Character Are You?

    Little Miss Whoops You’re always stumbling or tripping over something, and people think it’s either painfully awkward or adorable (you just think it’s painful). Don’t worry, clumsy people are known to be the smartest of all (because we said so). Take good care of yourself little miss!

  • Which Nerdy Sidekick Are You?

    You got: Neville Longbottom You’re the epitome of sidekick-turned-hero. You’re always a brave, trustworthy friend, and you never actively seek the spotlight — you’re more comfortable playing second fiddle. But when it comes to stopping injustice, you have no problem taking the lead. You hold yourself to a high moral code, and behind your adorable, dorky demeanor, you’re a scrappy fighter who’d sacrifice everything for your loved ones.

  • Which Conspiracy Theory Should You Believe In?

    You got: A UFO Crashed In Roswell In 1947 You probably were a goody two-shoes as a child, and think you aren’t one any longer, but you are. You like movies for children and books for teens; you may have something of a Peter Pan complex. You’re good with details, though, and you want to believe in something big, so consider looking into whether the government might’ve been involved in covering up a UFO crash in Roswell, NM, in 1947.

  • Which James Bond Villain Are You?

    You got: Le Chifre You can be charming and ruthless at the same time. You have worked hard to get where you are, and won’t let anyone stand in your way of achieving your dreams. Your addiction to gambling often gets you into serious financial trouble, and you respond to collection efforts with extreme violence. No tears for you!

  • Which Bizarro “Harry Potter” Character Are You?

    You are Nigel Birgbellen. It took a while for others to discover who you really are, and even longer for you to discover it yourself. You are gentle and kind but will not back down from a fight. You embody the true spirit of Griffindunne house and have grown into a mighty fine person. You even kicked Vord Lormadord’s ass! Yay, Nigel!!!

  • Which “Divergent” Faction Do You Actually Belong In?

    You got: Abnegation Abnegation is the faction dedicated to selflessness and simplicity, always putting others before themselves. Initiates are forced to reject a life of vanity and self-indulgence, protecting themselves from a selfish life of greed and envy. Mirrors, gossiping, and buying luxury items are strictly forbidden. Their attire consists of gray and their substance in the Choosing Ceremony is stone.

  • Which Mythical Creature Are You?

    You got: Phoenix You fiery inferno of awesome. You’re associated with hope, immortality, and regeneration. You’re essentially immortal, so you’re an old soul, and a pro at deflecting drama without causing more conflict. You prefer observation to action, and you’re an excellent judge of character. You’re quiet by nature, but when it comes to a fight, you’re a fierce adversary.

  • Which Minion Are You?

    Tim! You’re a master of disguise, just like Tim. You’re always willing to be helpful, especially if involves the people you love. Tim went on a mission to get Agnes a new unicorn, and just like him, you’d do anything to make those around you happy

  • What Actress Would Play You In The Movie Version Of Your Life?

    You got: Emma Stone Well hey there, sassafras! You’re the life of the party, the center of attention, and the spotlight is always on you. You’re going to need a larger-than-life actress to bring your life onto movie screens. The charming Emma Stone is a pitch-perfect casting choice

  • Which Greek God Are You?

    Dionysos. God of fertility and wine: you have the ability to inject the enjoyment of life into everything.You are often the center of attention and others can’t help but be drawn to your lust for life. You’re a true partygoer!!

  • What Do You Need To Be Happier?

    You need a drink. Unwinding with friends or colleagues is perfect for boosting your happiness, especially when there’s a few drinks involved! The chemicals released in specific brain locations after drinking produces feelings of pleasure; cheers?!

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