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19 Things That Are Too Pumpkin Even For Pumpkin Season

Proof that pumpkin season has gone too far. Help save the pumpkins this year with Nabob.

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1. A pumpkin suit to impress your pumpkin's parents.

2. Pumpkin duct tape for when you need to hold things together...with pumpkins.

3. Protein powder to drink after you spend time in the gym lifting pumpkins.

4. This children's book that is putting spiders out of business:

5. Forget the classic fun of carving jack-o'-lanterns — save yourself the mess with this building-block set:

6. Apparently, dogs also prefer pumpkin flavor during fall...

7. ...while cats surely LOVE dressing up like pumpkins.


8. This is a drink called "Wizarding World Pumpkin Juice" because wizards are apparently pumpkin lovers too:

9. There's pumpkin potpourri to sprinkle around your pumpkin-scented candles.

10. And pumpkin strategy plans that hopefully don't expire after fall.

11. This cookbook that wants you to experience pumpkin season ALWAYS:

12. You can learn to make pumpkin butter to spread on everything so it's also pumpkin.

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13. You can tap a pumpkin...

14. ...while waiting for your soup to finish cooking in a pumpkin.

15. Forget bowls — serve your pumpkin soup in (you guessed it) a pumpkin.

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16. Some candies you'd think were already "fall-centric" enough. Nope.


17. The love of pumpkin has caused people to forget about manners.

18. Sip your pumpkin latte while admiring your PSM (Pumpkin Spice Manicure).

19. Even pumpkin spice lattes are too pumpkin for pumpkin season, now made with real pumpkin. (What?)

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This time of year can be tough on pumpkins. Help #SaveThePumpkins this season by enjoying your coffee the pure way with Nabob. #RespectTheBean

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