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14 Reasons People Who Drink Black Coffee Are Happier

Simple is better. Better is happier. Skip the nonsense and respect the bean with a cup of Nabob Coffee.

1. They can roll out of bed a little bit later than everyone else.

2. With nothing blocking that flow, the caffeine hits them right away.

3. Less cream = less calories = better bod.

4. They never have to deal with this:

5. They save time by avoiding latte art...

They also save marshmallowy lives.

6. ...which allows them to focus on what's important.

7. Black-coffee drinkers don't have "that's not what I ordered!" meltdowns.

8. They make their black-coffee elders quite proud.

9. They can still eat dessert. When you're not pouring sugar into your drink, your stomach has space for something sweet.

10. Everyone knows that black-coffee drinkers are generally hardcore...

11. ...and brooding.

12. They aren't plagued by sticky fingers from sticky drinks.

13. They splash less, stain less, and overflow their cup less.

14. And because they're not focused on dressing up their coffee, they only have to care about one ingredient.