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14 GIFs That Portray Every Pumpkin's Worst Nightmare

WARNING: This post may instill panic if seen by a pumpkin.

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1. Pumpkins fear being taken away from their families.

2. They hear of other pumpkins being carved...

3. ...ripped apart...

4. ...and gutted.

5. They fear being forced to express emotions they don't feel.

6. They've seen the remnants of other pumpkins that were thrown and smashed for fun.

7. They know they could be cooked.

8. They fear being pureed...

9. ...and cooked into soups for human enjoyment.

10. Made into candles...


12. ...and pie.

13. ...tons of pie...

14. ...and eaten by kids.

All images courtesy of Nabob.

#SaveThePumpkins and drink Nabob.

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