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Nabe( Japnese Hot Pot) All Over Japan -Movie

In Japan, there are many kinds of Nabe. In our Nabelabo, we ate Nabe.

nabelabo • 4 years ago

Radish Art In Nabe

Radish Art was made by grated radish in Nabe.

nabelabo • 5 years ago

3 STEP How To Make "Shabu Shabu Nabe"

This is how to cook a basic Nabe.

nabelabo • 6 years ago

6 Sukiyaki All Over Japan

Sukiyaki is seen that the difference in cooking method in each region in Japan. Vary the vegetables you want to use, by region and home and put a potato or bean sprouts or put.

nabelabo • 6 years ago

"Hitori Nabe" What Is It?

Nabe is usually more than one eat at. Recently also popular "hitori nabe" eat alone. And "hitori nabe" What is it?

nabelabo • 6 years ago

5 Japan's Popular Nabe

Sukiyaki Nabe is the most famous. In Japan, there are a lot of other Nabe. I'll show you how to eat Nabe video of each.

nabelabo • 6 years ago

Nabe(Pot) All Over Japan

The first time is "Kiritanpo"

nabelabo • 6 years ago