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The Reality Of Transitioning From A College Student To A Real Person

This is what we all wished for when we were kids, right?...

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You just graduated college and despite the odds, you got a big person job. Congratulations!

Before your first day, you're all excited and prepared and in your head, you were expecting this to happen:

But, alas, this is your reality:

And either your paycheck can barely sustain you for a week,

Or you're one of the lucky few who have their parents' (minimal) support.

Now, instead of wondering about things like where you're going tonight or if Hot Lax Guy will be there, you realize you have to do important adult things,

People have high expectations of you,

And you're not remotely close to having your dream job (if you even know what it is).

After about three hours on the job, you're already over it.

Like you've been working SO hard.

But as a newbie, you don't get any vacation days until after six months... yay.

Your eight-hour workday feels like an eternity.

All you want to do is go home, change into sweats, and eat until you pass out (at 9).

But as you sit there in your cheesy bliss, you suddenly remember it's only Monday night, and you'll have to do this WHOLE THING OVER AGAIN TOMORROW.

So then you do a lot of this:

And this:

But mostly this:

Just kill me now.

By the end of the week, your Friday afternoon feels like the last mile of a marathon.

And just when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and you're getting ready to head home,

You get a text from your friends that they want to make plans to go out tonight... At a crowded bar. After 11. Wearing heels.

And you're just all like NOPE THANKS FOR PLAYING.

Because your mind is already set on a glorious night of this:

And if all goes according to plan, Saturday and Sunday will be the same.


So even though your Monday through Fridays are kinda rough*,

*huge understatement

You have learned to free yourself from any social obligations and societal norms because YOU'RE AN ADULT AND YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!

(Except, you know, you still have to be a responsible, functioning member of society.)

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