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    Sun Tzu's Advice For Students With Anxiety

    A guide and tips for college students that have to balance school work family etc. and keep their mental health in check.

    1. Don't let it control the outcome... address your problem head on! Seek professional help.

    2. speak to a provider about side effects and find what right for you.

    3. Know your triggers.

    4. Trick your mind into thinking your ok. (make your anxiety disappear)

    5. make a new normal for yourself. (find a new routine)

    6. make something good come of you anxiety. Take on yoga or meditation it will help in more ways.

    7. after an attack take small steps to recovery.

    8. If something is giving you anxiety leave and revisit because it will not be productive.

    9. it can be debilitating at times but don't let it stop you from doing your work falling behind will set you up for failure.

    10. Educate yourself about your issue at hand. Learn how to be proactive and reactive.

    11. If you fail to prepare; in reality you are preparing for failure. You must always prepare even when you think you can do without and find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

    12. Sometimes no one can understand or relate regardless of what they say. There are times when only you know the road you have been on and should act based on you experiences to keep you where you want to be.

    13. Be true to yourself. Don’t deceive yourself seeking others acceptance or avoiding others shaming. Do what you must for yourself and be your own hero.

    14. When you seek help and go down a certain path of treatment do not waiver. Commit to a process and try not to dismiss it if you do not see immediate results.

    15. No matter the situation, always love yourself, especially when you are upset, frustrated, and at ends with yourself.

    16. Focus on the good, not so much the bad or the ugly.

    17. Think ahead. Plan for the bad times and rough patches. It will make the darkest of moments and roughest of tides, at least, a little brighter and more manageable to navigate through.

    18. FIGHT, FIGHT, and FIGHT… and when you are exhausted and think you can not go any further and you are ready to collapse from exhaustion FIGHT some more. NEVER, EVER GIVE UP TRYING. Your condition will always be ready to take you down.

    19. Keep your “wants,” “should,” and “needs” in order and priority. Otherwise you can derail yourself via insubordination of your desires.

    20. Things are almost never black and white, and there are always exceptions. Do not let this uncertainty unbalance you. Embrace the variety and the endless possibilities.

    21. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is wait and do nothing.

    22. It is invaluable to truly understand why you behave the way you do and why your mind goes where it does.

    23. Be open to changes, new ideas, and resist being stubborn, scared, and rigid in your thoughts and actions. Confirm that any change will serve a purpose however.

    24. Know yourself and avoid situations where you will induce the worst in you regardless of how tempted you are. Even if you are doing well and feel on top of the world, continue to do what has helped you get to a good place.

    25. You are human, and cannot fix everything. Don’t let this overwhelm you, some things will not be perfect but they will work… that should be enough.

    26. Really pay attention to your condition to lean and understand it; When it comes, goes, stays, makes noise, or lurks about. Despite what you may thing, you can live with it, together.