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Just 20 Photos Of Swansea University Students Living Their Best Life

Using the hashtag #SwanseaUniLife from the Swansea University photo competition, we've collated a list of Swansea University students who are living their best life at Swansea University.

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1. This windswept woman who knows where the best views are.

Instagram: @glickss

2. These baller bikers who know just how to spend a day in the sun.

3. These awesome archers who take #squadgoals to new levels.

Instagram: @walkermatt3

4. These sassy sun-soakers who have the revision game figured out.

5. These carefree kayakers who make the most of the occasional bad weather.

6. These happy hoppers taking their friendship to new heights.

7. This absolute legend who is the definition of #dormgoals. Look at those fairy lights!

8. This sole surfer who isn't afraid of some me-time.

9. This mountain bike maven biking on the sand.

10. These lovely ladies enjoying the views at the Blue Lagoon.

11. This denim diva staring in to the sunset at Swansea Bay.

12. This skater girl enjoying the warm weather and the beach.

13. This bootylicious boy who isn't afraid to show a little skin.

14. This traveling trio who found a hidden gem.

15. This bubbly boarder who knows how to have a good time.

16. These lovely lads soaking up the sun at the Blue Lagoon.

17. This sunset surfer who knows just how to spend a summer night in Swansea.

18. This dreamy dame taking in the views at Rhossili Bay.

19. This gorgeous group who have found the ideal viewing space.

20. And finally this handsome horse who’s the best Swansea University student of all!

Instagram: @tamerafran
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