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Game Of Clones: 18 Dead Ringers For "Game Of Throne" Characters

Looking for a Lannister lookalike? How about a Targeryn twin? You'll be seeing double with 18 other Hollywood actors who look amazingly like "Game of Throne" stars.

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17. Jennifer Love Hewitt as "Talisa Maegyr"

Yes, we lost Talisa shortly after she RSVP'd for the Red Wedding, but if you miss the King of the North's wise wife, just take a gander at Jennifer Love Hewitt. Can't hardly wait!!!!

16. T.R. Knight as "Ramsay Snow/Bolton"

This "Grey's Anatomy" refugee aka "George" is a dead ringer for the absolutely insane son o' Roose Bolton, but they bear no other shared personality traits. Although it's true both characters show an interest in sharp instruments.


14. Jean Reno as "Davos Seaworth" aka "Onion Knight"

"The Professional" star could easily slip aboard a ship and take over for Stannis Baratheon's much-abused wingman. But methinks he'd slit the self-appointed "King's" throat rather than accept his Lord of Light tomfoolery.


10. Jerry Connelly as "Gendry

Jerry Connelly's character got leeches from a swim with friends in "Stand By Me" and his doppelganger "Gendry" got a similar treatment to his nether regions courtesy of the Red Lady. Coincidence, we think not...

9. Jamie Luner as "Roz"

We miss us some "Roz." (Thanks a lot, Joffrey, you spawn of Satan.) But it makes us feel a lil' better to look upon her wonder twin, Jamie Luner of 80s/90s sitcom, "Just the Ten of Us."

8. Alan Ruck as "Littlefinger"

Littlefinger is one sneaky son of a bee, but at least he didn't steal his pop's midlife crisis on wheels as Alan Ruck did in his epic role as "Cameron" in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

7. Denis Leary as "Jaime Lannister"

Yes, the Kingslayer may be known as a bit more of a heart slayer than the tough-talking comic, but the physical resemblance doesn't stop at the strong chins and deep-set eyes. This is the ultimate duo of anti-heroes. And complicated love triangles. Whoosa! Denis's "Rescue Me" character would have a lot to commiserate about if he took Jaime out for some mead.


6. Aaron Carter as "King Joffrey Baratheon"

Some say Aaron Carter was a bit of a brat in his day, but the prince of pop pales in comparison to this prince of darkness. Joffrey lopped off the head of the most awesome Ned Starks and most recently, tried to off his own uncle.

4. Judd Nelson as "Jaquen H'ghar"

Assassin's creed meets "Breakfast Club" with these two brooding heartbreakers. But if we had a secret mission, we'd stick with Jaquen since Judd's iconic character fell through the ceiling when he tried to sneak around his school via the ventilation system.

3. River Phoenix as "Ser Lloras"

We truly miss River Phoenix, an excellent actor who was gone too soon. But if you look upon the handsome Knight of Flowers, you can experience just a touch of his ethereal essence. King Renly was one lucky SOB.

2. Hugh Laurie as "Tyrion Lannister" aka "The Imp"

Don't be a heightist. These gentlemen share the same brooding eyes and jawline. Both their characters, or at least as it pertains to Laurie's "House," were too smart for everyone around them.

1. Saoirse Ronan as "Sansa Starks"

Okay, 9 times out of 10 this would not be a match. But in these photos, the failed fiancee of King Joffrey and the mini-assassin of "Hanna" fame, could at least pass as sisters. (We are sure Arya would not feel displaced.)

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