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How To Fly With Hula Hoops- Because They Wanna Travel Too

Traveling is a big part of life, especially if you're a performer. Whether you are a full-time hoop pro or a weekend hoop warrior, you're very likely to travel with your hoop(s) at some point in your life. Thankfully, it's not as complicated as you think. In fact, the flight attendants and other passengers will often think you're cool, making it an easier process.

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Coil Them Down

Abby Elain Kreitlow

20" is the recommended size (don't go any lower because that could risk snapping your hoop) for plane travel. For help coiling it down, visit this link. You can coil down your hoop enough to where you are able to connect the push button again to keep it closed. A common way if your hoop won't coil down enough to close it via push button is to just use zip ties or electrical tape. People have used things such as bandanas even to tie the ends to keep them from opening. Finally, tie all the hoops together into one giant clump of hoops.

Sectional Hoops / Via

Don't want to coil? Sectional hoops are amazing. They're hoops literally meant to come apart in multiple pieces so the pieces will fit right in your suitcase. Many shops sell them. So, if you want a hoop made for flying, that is your best bet.


Cassidy Branigan

They make all kinds of hula hoop bags. If you absolutely cannot coil it down, they may be an option. They're also just nice for carrying. I recommend that it isn't too big though, and this would count as your carry on. If you need to have a backpack, zip tie your hoops to your backpack instead! That way it counts as just one item, as long as the hoops are attached. Just tie them onto the top handle of your bag.

Get a Window Seat

Jax Higginson

Some planes will have space between the window and the seat. You can put your hoops there. However, not all planes have such space. For example, my plane had the seat and window practically attached. If a plane does have space though, it is an option.

LED Hoops

Abby Elain Kreitlow

You can treat them the same as normal hoops. They coil down the same way. Just be delicate with them. Some hoopers prefer not to coil them down as small though. It is all preference of what you're comfortable with. Also, be sure to explain at security that they have lights in them. If the batteries are removable, take them out of the hoop and have them in your carry on bag.

Fire Hoops

Abby Elain Kreitlow/ Joseph Lastowski

It's a hot question always asked... Teehee. It'll be fine, just don't bring fuel. Get your fuel at your final destination. If you have quick wicks, take them off the hoop and coil down the hoop. You can put the wicks in your suitcase. Any wicks that have been burned already need to be covered with some sort of bag and labeled. Label them exactly what they are, and maybe mention they're for a circus prop. Be as honest as possible. A lot of hoopers will cover the wicks with baby socks. Wicks that haven't been burned probably won't need covers, but security can be different in different airports, so maybe bring covers just in case. If you're THAT worried about it. just mail the hoop to your destination.

Dress Bag Hack- Fly With Many Hoops


How to fly with A LOT of hoops? Rather than a backpack or other carry on item, bring a garment bag. Stuff it with as much as you can. Your hoops will fit perfectly in there. Coil them down though. Just make sure the bag isn't too wide and that it'll fit through the scanner. You can still fit a smaller bag inside the garment bag as well. But, this WILL count as your carry on bag. No purses or anything else, so just put those in the garment bag.

The Attendants Are On Your Side

Izabela Habur / Getty Images / Via

The attendants will be nice. They have to be. They will find a place for your hoops, whether it be under a seat, in an empty seat, inside a coat closet, in the overhead compartment, etc. They WILL find a place for them. One even asked about my performing experience. A lot of them have also seen them before.

Above All, Be Nice


Regardless of the method you choose, please remember to be nice and courteous to all airline staff, TSA personnel, and anyone else who might be in a position of authority at the airport. If you are polite and respectful, your potentially size-prohibitive prop becomes a cool conversation piece. If you are rude and dismissive, there is no limit to the number of ways airline folks can make things difficult. And whatever you do, please do not ever joke about your hoops being anything explosive or weapon-like. It is the TSA's job to detain anyone who even mentions that sort of stuff, and the last thing you want is to have your hoops landing you in jail.

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