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25 Hot Places For Your Fire Clothing Needs

We don't want to be singing "Girl on Fire" due to a silly mistake: Wearing the wrong kind of clothing while performing with flaming props. In no specific order, I present to you a list of places to get these safe clothes that'll make you look "hot" for your next performance. I am in no way connected to any of these companies, and they are simply recommendations from other flow artists. What you're looking for: "Wear non synthetic clothing" is probably the number one rule for fire spinning. Jean material, cotton, and leather are strong fibers that burn instead of melt, which prevents the material from melting into your skin. NOTE: Leather cannot be exposed to direct heat contact for long periods of time as it will retain the heat and over a large area risking a worse burn. Be especially careful with your choice of leggings, as most are made with polyester, lycra, ect, and will melt your skin if they catch flame. Be sure you have cotton dominant (90%+) wool or hemp clothing when spinning! Also avoid dangling objects such as tassels or chains on your outfit. These can become entangled into the fire tool you are using, trapping you up against the fire.­ Always seek proper training before trying to play with fire.

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1. Harmonic Threads

2. Slit Weave

3. Elven Forest Creations

4. 3rd Earth Fireproof

5. Phoenix Rising Artists

6. Kolar Bear Creations

7. OG Tie Dye Company

8. Herban Devi

9. Unalome Designs

10. Indika & Citiva Creationz

11. LotusColour

12. From the SOL

13. Youphoriclothing

14. Spinztress

15. Knotty Bliss Boutique

17. Crystal Cacoon

18. Zhen Nymph

20. Olivia Yvonne Designs

21. Flower Pot Handmade

22. Earth Priestess Organics

23. Sweetass Designs

24. Synergy Clothing
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