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7 Disturbing Harry Potter Theories That Will Make You Gag

Accio vomit bucket!

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1. Molly and Arthur Weasley were related

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Evidence: In Order of the Phoenix, Sirius says that most of the pureblood families are related in some way. Seeing as red hair is not a very common trait, the fact that two ginger purebloods existed points to them being related in some way, perhaps more closely than they anticipated...

2. Mad-Eye Moody was a pervert

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Evidence: In Goblet of Fire, he purposefully looks through Harry's robes at his socks. Technically, this was Barty Crouch Jr., but whose to say Mad-Eye didn't use his magical eye to see through clothes every once in a while? Even if Mad-Eye wasn't a pervert, Barty Crouch Jr. probably was- there's no logical explanation for him deciding to look through Harry's robes (unless he couldn't control it, which may be even more unsettling...)

3. Umbridge was violated by centaurs

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Evidence: One thing centaurs are known for is rape. After they drag Umbridge off into the forest, we never find out exactly what happened there- all we know for sure is that she was never quite right in her mind after that. What makes this theory even more frightening is that Hermione, who led her to the centaurs, probably knew that centaurs have a nasty history of rape. While Umbridge was a horrible person, the thought is still extremely disturbing.

4. Bellatrix and Voldemort hooked up

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Evidence: Bellatrix has a pretty obvious infatuation with the Dark Lord, and she does seem to be his favorite death eater. There's also some other interesting points- why is Bellatrix's husband never really in the picture? There seems to be no interactions between him and Bellatrix. Bellatrix also claims to know Voldemort more than anyone else, and the way she revels him indicates that she's attracted to more than just his policies... Some could argue it's just a crush and nothing really happened, but the way he seems to treat her a bit better than the rest of his death eaters says something.

5. And so did Minerva McGonagall and Crookshanks

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This one is based on a misprint in PoA, where Crookshanks never emerges from the Whomping Willow. The theory is, he was off hooking up with Minerva McGonagall's animagus form. While this theory doesn't have a lot of support, it makes you wonder what else Minerva was up to, and whether Mrs. Norris was ever involved....

6. Voldemort and Nagini had a fling

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Nagini was the closest thing Voldemort had to a friend, and he seemed to value her more than anything else (other than his own immortality). Given that Voldemort was quite inhumane after splitting his soul multiple times, and given that he had his anatomy had some snake-like qualities, it's not an entirely impossible theory... Though it is weird.

7. And finally, Draco and Harry...

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This is more based off the movies and developed by "Drarry shippers..." But there are scenes where Harry and Draco switch ties. Who knows? Maybe the hatred is just an act to cover up a huge crush...

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