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9 Sweet Fruits You Can Totally Barbecue

Life can be even sweeter with BBQ'd fruit. So forget the sausages and ditch the burgers. It's time to get your grill on and prepare for some sweet moments of joy.

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3. The humble apple

Recreating Happiness / Via

See? They don't even have to be tropical fruits. Dip some apple slices into a mix of lemon juice, cinnamon and sugar. Give them a few minutes on the barbecue and KAZAM! - apples in awesome sauce.

5. Strawberries ... on a kebab

Jaymi Heimbuch / Via

Skewer a row of them or they'll fall through the grill and be lost FOREVER. If you've got some spare marshmallows, now's the time to make the ultimate 'sweet shish'.

8. Rhubarb

Ashley McLaughlin / Via

By this point you'll be a fruit barbecuing expert. The very idea of grilling meat will seem strange and wrong. Like with the mango, barbecued rhubarb can also sweeten up a savoury pork dish.

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