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Women On Top: Alpha Females Who Do The Deals In Heels

Growing a bit weary of the same ol’ Alpha Male saving a simpering female from losing the family farm? It’s time to flip those gender roles. Give us fierce females that can drive million dollar deals while still turning heads. Because truly – who runs the world? GIRLS! Our book friends have found 19 book recommendations that will assert their independence on your eReader.

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Glory In Death (In Death series) by J.D. Robb

Berkley Publishing / Via

Following intuition to find connections in a string of murders is easy. However, fate gives this female investigator a hard lead when the list of suspects include her own lover.

“Eve Dallas is a lieutenant. She is badass, fierce, doesn’t need someone to take care of her (even though, she has a billionaire husband). She's a smart, independent and awesome.”

- Reading is an Indoor Sport

Published 12/01/1995

The Villa by Nora Roberts

Penguin Putnam / Via

When you’re shrewd about business like our heroine, you have to be prepared for whatever taints the latest barrel of woes. Nothing is easy when her own mother throws a merger in the way—and has her dealing with a handsome vintner.

“Sophia Giambelli is a badass executive in her family's wine empire. Speaks multiple languages, jets all over the world, wheeling and dealing, and takes zero crap from anyone!”

- Small Town Love

Published 03/19/2001

Forever My Girl (The Beaumont series) by Heidi McLaughlin

Heidi McLaughlin / Via

Being young, and with a child on the way, doesn’t stop our female lead from making a satisfying life for herself. When a blast from her past comes breezing back in for a second chance, she has to make sure to withstand the winds of change. . .

“Josie lost the love of her life when he walked away from their dreams when they were freshman in college. After finding out she was pregnant, she kept going with the help of her best friends and family; raising Noah, building a successful florist business and maintaining her friendships. When Liam Westbury/Page returns 10 years later her life trajectory blows up, but throughout it all she focuses on how to make things good for her son. One of my favorite books!! Love that Josie doesn't back down, even when she's not sure what to do or how to own her feelings.”

- Bookshelf Buster

Published 01/02/2014

Complicated Creatures (Complicated Creatures Trilogy) by Alexi Lawless

Vivrant Press / Via

Private security isn’t just for the male persuasion. This heroine looks danger in the eye and laughs. Unless she’s in danger of losing her heart, then she’ll need all her skills to come out winning the battle.

“Sam Wyatt comes from old money. She can be or do whatever her heart desires. She shocks everyone when she enters the military and makes a name for herself. She becomes the HBIC and nothing or no one gets in her way until . . .”

- Good Girl – Bad Habit

Published 04/23/2014

Laces & Lace (The Assassins series) by Toni Aleo

Toni Aleo / Via

This heroine seems to have not only beaten all the battles that life has thrown, but flourished in the aftermath. When a chance encounter throws in a possibility that walked away nine years prior, she grabs on tight, not letting go until love has the win . . .

“Lacey defeated breast cancer twice and created not only a lingerie company focused on helping women feel good about themselves, but she specialized her company to help others fighting and surviving the disease. She even had a support group for them. When she and Karson King reconnect after being separated in college, she finds the other half of her life. Beautiful, beautiful story!!”

- Bookshelf Buster

Published 11/07/2014

The Space Between (The Walsh series) by Kate Canterbary

Okay Creations / Via

Just because you have professional goals doesn’t mean you should put those aside to appease the Hero of the story. Nope, like this heroine, you kick his office policies with your stilettos and prove you deserve equal footing.

“Andy. Smart, independent, driven, made a name/place for herself in the top architecture firm. Brought the grumpiest Walsh to his knees. Willing to make hard decisions to further goals.”

- Class Act Reader

“Grace and smarts all in a beautiful package doesn’t mean lie down. Sometimes it’s the quiet strength that screams the loudest in a male dominated field. Andy has an uphill battle to be boxed in an associate role. But she doesn’t allow the men to steamroller her role as a force to be reckoned with. ”

- My Own Bookshelves

“Andy. Don’t get me wrong—there’s a reason Patrick Walsh is MY man, but Andy is in a league of her own. Brilliant, dedicated, hard-working and not afraid of a little kink. What’s not to love?”

- Not a Bored Panda

Published 11/18/2014

PS: Full Disclosure - find out why you should read the entire series here

The Trouble With Eden (Paradise series) by Leslie Pike

K23 Design and Photography / Via

When you have your own power in Hollywood, you aren’t looking for a knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet. And for this kickass heroine, her unnecessary knight may be a bit battered and bruised . . . but completely worth the risk.

“Bliss Novak. She's strong, independent and self-made. She grew up in foster care but created a niche company marketing high-end real estate. When she meets Steven French, a Hollywood stunt man, she's in the midst of writing a screenplay. The connection between them was electric. It's very much a grown up love story. Just a wonderful story!”

- Bookshelf Buster

Published 03/16/2015

Overruled (Legal Briefs series) by Emma Chase

Gallery Books / Via

She’s got the drive to fulfill her professional career and be happy – and that includes a friend with excellent benefits. But when that friend calls in a favor, is she willing to give up that easy relationship and accept the complications of the heart?

“Sofia Santos is a city girl, born and raised with hopes of becoming the best at her job - criminal defense attorney. She has a ‘let's get it on’ buddy aka the hero and her coworker, but she rules this books. Although it's not set in the city she puts her own twist on the story and she's more memorable than any other character in the book.”

- Spiritual Wanderer

Published 04/28/2015

Black Keys (The Colorblind Trilogy) by Rose B. Mashal

Cover It! Designs / Via

Our heroine rightly feels that the world is her oyster as a young female CEO. What she didn’t expect when traveling to a wedding is to learn that it’s for her own arranged marriage . . .

OMG. THIS WAS SO GOOD. A very independent, strong-willed, Catholic head of a company is basically sold off to a Muslim Prince/King. It was BRILLIANTLY DONE, and gave me all the feels!!”

- Ghost Hunter

Published 05/13/2015

Deviant (Blood and Roses series) by Callie Hart

Callie Hart / Via

The oath says to treat all with respect and heal your fellow man . . . and our heroine has to get help from a man with a devilish smile to find her sister—without losing her own heart.

“Sloane is a kickass surgeon who is only tamed by (my ultimate book boyfriend) Zeth Mayfair. For any lovers of Dark and Twisty stories with strong females, this series are amazing!”

- Page Prescriber

Published 06/16/2015

Code Name: Kayla’s Fire (Warrior’s Challenge series) by Natasza Waters

Dawne Dominique / Via

Strength and independence will only get you so far when you are in the sights of a serial killer. So does our heroine run back home or into the arms of a SEAL sworn to protect her body and soul?!

“My absolute favorite is the character from Natasza Waters’ Code Name series. Kayla is the character’s name and she is from Canada on a job share type of program between the Canadian Military and the U.S. Military. The male is very alpha, she is very alpha, and the sparks fly between these two for sure. But once things hit the fan they are both there. The story between the two of them is two books and very much worth it. Forgot to mention the Military branch she is assisting is SEALS.”

- Rocky High in the Midwest

Published 09/13/2015

Crossing the Line (Sinner and Saint Duet) by Lucy Score

Lucy Score / Via

She’s a heroine with a mind of her own, and she doesn’t need a bossy bodyguard standing invading her privacy. Does she? Only time will tell if she’ll remain stubborn or give in . . .

“Waverly Sinner is a movie star turned . . . well, I can't say what she evolves into. Waverly is strong, badass, and definitely does not want the bodyguard that's been hired by her neglectful parents. This is not your typical weak heroine who NEEDS a bodyguard, and she makes sure everybody around her knows it.”

- Only Where Love Applies

Published 11/26/2016

Bohemian by Kathryn Nolan

Kathryn Nolan / Via

The storm that is raging outside has nothing on the sizzling hurricane of emotions one kiss inside has created. Life throws this heroine in the path of shy and reserved man and proves that opposites can attract.

“Lucia is a super model. She has been in the public eye and earning her own money since age 15. She is a professional and takes her craft seriously. She owns her sexuality and doesn't need a man to complete her. When she meets Calvin Ellis their bond is based on common interests and passion.”

- Never Any Bull

“I loved Lucia and Cal. Cal, because he’s a sweet Beta in stacks and an sexy Alpha in the sack, and Lucia because she knows her own mind. She’s at a crossroads, but what’s not to admire about a woman who is willing to risk everything in the hopes of getting something close to her dream? Is there not strength in being open-minded and open-hearted?”

- Snarky Aussie

Published 09/24/2017

Honorable Mention:


Viper (NSB series) by Alyson Santos

Era Media Co. / Via

This heroine has her own demons to face and doesn’t need this self-destructive villain jerking her around. But somehow they find a way to make their own unique music.

“She was actually badass enough to leave her high-powered career to pursue her version of happy. She has a definite take-no-prisoner’s attitude and I believe in this case the heroine saved the hero right back!!!”

- Glitter Gulch Queen

Published 10/03/2017

You Do Something To Me (The Sullivans series) by Bella Andre

Bella Andre / Via

Our heroine has lead the idyllic life for herself. However, fate is fickle and has now given her a new business partner. She’s willing to sell her share, but what happens when the buyer would also like to merge hearts?

“Cordelia Langley. The hero, Alec Sullivan, may be the billionaire CEO, but she has built her own very successful business from the ground up.”

- Fashion Forward Teacher

Published 10/11/2017

This Time is Different by Mae Wood

Uplifting Designs / Via

Having a flourishing professional practice shouldn’t have this divorcée and mom looking for anyone to fill the gap. Yet when a handsome man – under the influence – announces he wants to take her on a magic carpet ride, well, who can say no to that??

“I wouldn’t call Amy alpha - but she is a strong confident woman who is able to take care of herself financially. “Alpha” to me sometimes comes off as assholeish - which she is not. I loooooved her confidence in this book. She definitely does not need rescuing.”

- #1 Cubs Fan

Published 10/12/2017

Honorable Mentions:

Risking Ruin

Plus One

The Bachelors by E.S. Carter

Cover Me Darling / Via

Take three men, one desperate to save the family business, and throw in rented tuxes and a charity ball, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that someone may leave a glass slipper behind. But when our Ice Princess stands in the way, can he thwart her by hitching himself to her wicked sister?

“Eliza Benett is the model for strong, independent thinking female. She’s earned her mark in the world of business and will take NO man’s opinion for her own. Brilliantly written modern twist inspired by a beloved classic has forever embedded a permanent spot on my bookshelf.”

- My Own Bookshelves

“The Bachelors is a fun twist on a great British classic, truly a new way to look at some of the most iconic characters in literary history. ES Carter brings humor and a nice twist to the tale with the women being the “haves” and the men being the “have nots”. "

- The Instigator

“Carter brought very distinctive characters to life and intertwined their lives in such a way that as a reader you felt you were actually a part of the storyline. And have mercy, her humor and wit shine throughout the book. I laughed so hard I snorted more than once!"

- Sassy Southern

“It’s not just the eternally remarkable Eliza Bennet who proves herself to be a strong, no-holds-barred competitor. While she’s going toe-to-toe with her Mr. Darcy, there are other twisted games afoot. And I’m not going to lie, there’s a deceptive woman who makes bad look oh, so good.”

- Not a Bored Panda

Published 10/23/2017

Acquisition (Takeover Duet) by Chelle Bliss

Okay Creations / Via

This badass businesswoman has an amazing product ready to launch to the market place. What better way to celebrate with a one night stand? But morning after doesn’t look so good when she realizes she’s gone and slept with the enemy . . .

“This story has a female CEO who is strong, it’s a story with drama, suspense and intrigue. I loved reading about a woman running the show and this also has a great storyline but . . . be prepared for a cliffhanger”

- Aussie Hockey Recruiter

Published 10/24/2017

Alpha Mail by Brenda Rothert

Mae I Designs / Via

She’s a single and successful female, asking the Magic 8 ball for a man who is a gentleman on the streets and can set fire to the sheets. But if all she’s going to get is tired one-liners delivered by overly possessive males, well, she does what any female would do: turn those pick-ups into a flourishing business.

“After a few failed relationships Sienna thinks she knows what an alpha is all about, the growling, the "you are mine" bit and she knows some women enjoy this, so why not open a business where women get what they need from alphas? She's a smart business woman, a caring friend, a beloved sister, but there's something missing in her life . . . a real, honest to goodness alpha male. LOVE this book so much. ”

- Cuban Capo

“All you need is BOB and a brilliant business model to bring you success and comfort to the ones you love. Sienna Mills isn’t missing a thing out of life. But when a real alpha male enters her life, she may have just found what she didn’t know she was looking for.”

- My Own Bookshelves

Published 10/24/2017

“We’re so GOOD with this…” / Via

…we remind you, we’re so hood with…” these romance stories turning the tables on the male persuasion . . . We’ve given you suggestions on how to run your eReaders with strong, fierce women. But did we leave off a few? Channel your inner Beyoncé and drop those recommendations in the comments!

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