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    Vamps And Demons And Shifters, Oh My: Paranormal Books That Are Out Of This World

    Are you unsure where to find some fantastic beasts? Our book friends have your prey cornered. Our blood runs hot when talking about these divine monsters. Here are 15 series recommendations featuring sexy creatures that we just can’t shift to our TBRs fast enough.

    Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward

    Penguin Group / Via

    Seriously, I cannot come up with anything to say about this series. I truly mean it when I say it is the MOST PASSIONATE display of fandom our book friends have shown—so far.

    “The BDB is an over the top Alpha guilty pleasure. The underworld they live in is ruthless and their women rule their souls. All characters have distinct personalities and each story is complex but all connected. Along with traditional vampire themes, brotherhood, love, great sex and humor makes this one of my favorites of all time.”

    - Never A Bad Hair Day

    “I chose it because it's hot and so real all at once! [J.R. Ward] nails these characters and makes you feel like you’re immersed in their world”

    - Sassy Southern

    “Black Dagger Brotherhood series is amazing!! It is the most addictive series I've ever read! I call it “book-crack.” Once you start reading these books, you will be hooked! Alpha possessive heroes will have you swooning book after book!”

    - Bay Lover


    - Southern Charmer

    “BDB – Alpha vamps who exist for their "family". Hot, sexy, addictive and just so as y'all know, Z is mine!”

    - Fruit Taffy

    “I wrote my series thinking of Xhex. That's why the MMA is with a female fighter. #badasschicksrule

    - Wine Tasting is my Second Job

    “Sexy hot warrior vampires dressed in black leather and fight like mother fuckers and love their "shellens" with a fierce tenderness that makes you ache? Never mind their names—Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Phury, Zsadist... THAT is why I recommend this series. I can't get enough.”

    - The Original Chef Girl

    “Hands off Z!!” - Fruit Taffy

    “Rhage does it for me” - The Original Chef Girl

    “Oh, you like a lil monster with your vamp *wink* “ - Fruit Taffy

    “I love you but.... Z is MINE. I licked him first.” - Wino

    “Wino, that there is fighting talk. Z has been claimed. Step away from the brother.” - Fruit Taffy

    *runs off to get her sword* - Wino

    Published Book One 09/06/2005

    Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole

    Kresley Cole/Pocket Books / Via

    If vampires and Valkyries set against the back drop of a “mystical checks-and-balances system” are your flavor, then stop here to capture this wicked beast. But, beware of being seduced by his charms.

    “Where do I start? With Nix, the Ever Knowing? Or those Wroth Brothers. Or the Lykae Clan? It's too hard to pick one favorite amongst so many fantastic books. Each with a different perspective on a supernatural event that affects them ALL.”

    - Dedicated Groupie

    Published Book One 03/28/2006

    Fever series by Karen Marie Moning

    Eileen Carey / Via

    These stories will dispel any myth you had that Tinkerbell was a cute fairy. These alpha fae will reel you in and make you a sex slave. Where is the sign up for that?

    “It's a series, it's a saga. It's about love and loyalty. It is complicated, twisty and surprising. It's romance, mystery, suspense, paranormal and so easy to get lost in... So bloody good..”

    - Bargain Hunter

    “I devoured it and then re-read it a few times because it has the strongest, most independent female heroine in any book I've read, and well... Jericho Barrons (the hero) is the most sinfully delicious and complex man in the entire universe. He's the ultimate alpha, domineering book boyfriend.”

    - Pittsburgh is my Hood

    Published Book One 08/28/2007

    Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh

    Penguin Group / Via

    These heroes appear to be as cool as a sheet of ice. However, get them to thaw a bit and watch those passion fires burn.

    “This series has captured my heart. Every time I read one of these books, whether for the first time or the sixth, I'm reminded of why I ALWAYS recommended Nalini Singh. Intricate plotting that arcs through book after book, strong men and women—even the submissive changelings—with charm and challenge and chase. Heart-warming romance, hot AF matings and edge of your seat action, what more does a series need?”

    - Snarky Aussie

    Published Book One 03/31/2009

    Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh

    Nalini Singh/Penguin Group / Via

    Vampires are not as powerful as they seem. And these angels are far from angelic. The hunt is on in this engaging series.

    Angels' Blood wasn't just the first paranormal romance I read, it was the first ROMANCE I read, period. I was addicted within pages, and binge read the entire series. And I haven't stopped. I've read and re-read them, always finding something new and always marveling at how intricately detailed this world of Nalini Singh's is. Remarkable.”

    - Dedicated Groupie

    Published Book One 03/03/2009

    Pyte/Sentinel series by R.L. Mathewson

    RL Mathewson / Via

    Oh, if shifters couldn’t get any more sexy in your world, then don’t walk, run to your nearest forest. These creatures are just dying to savor you. Or was it save you?

    “Another series filled with sexy alphas and more PNR breeds than you can poke a stick at. Each book leads you onto the next, each couple fight for the right to be together in an increasingly dangerous world.”

    - Little Lamb Reader

    “Okay, I admit I’ve read more PNR than I realize. RL Mathewson is one of my favorite humorous romance writers. I turn to her for snappy dialogue, laugh out loud situations and overall feel good reads. When she started a paranormal, I thought ‘why not’ and didn’t regret. Super sexy, thrilling and humor all wrapped up in a great series.”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Published Book One 12/17/2010

    Elemental Mysteries series by Elizabeth Hunter

    Damonza / Via

    Vampires have many things going for them: noble intentions, hot desire and never-ending love. But this series has a mysterious flare that keeps us baring our necks for the next book.

    “I recommend the Elemental Mysteries/World/Legacy series. Those are three separate series, all set in the same world with recurring characters, but each having its own story arc. They're beautifully written, funny, and have fantastic plots. Characters include an ancient female vampire who looks like a teenager, can fly, loves action movies, Harry Potter, YouTube, and baby sloth videos, and a thousand year old ex- priest who wore Hawaiian shirts under his vestments during mass, cheats at poker and Mario Cart, and watches professional wrestling.”

    - Magical Warrior

    Published Book One 10/13/2011

    Deep In Your Veins series by Suzanne Wright

    Suzanne Wright / Via

    If sexy female vampires tend to whip you up into a hot, sexy mess, then the vamps of this series will have your reading tied up for days. The sexual chemistry had our blood thickening—amongst other things.

    “If strong foul mouthed heroines who save themselves whilst getting their sexist vampires—you read that right, he's a sexist jerk—is your thing then... what are you waiting for?!”

    - Spiritual Wanderer

    Published Book One 01/13/2012

    Three series by Kristen Ashley

    Kristen Ashley / Via

    These vampires are not after just anyone’s blood. They are choosing those beautiful concubines who are made to serve them. These heroes are too sexy and charismatic for our readers to say they'd “rather have a shifter.”

    “The Three series by Kristen Ashley – alpha vamps, werewolves and a new hybrid-kind heroes, possessive of their females who will do everything in their power to save their families and loved ones. Overbearing hero, sassy heroine, push and pull type of romance, sensual and action packed, with the necessary comic relief KA knows how to do so well. It's a trilogy, it's connected so to get the full story you need to read all three.”

    - Teacher by Day

    Published Book One 02/22/2012

    Lux Novel series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

    Liz Pelletier / Via

    Sometimes these sexy beasts don’t come in the form of a vamp or shifter. Maybe a sexy alien will help with the longing that ails you.

    “The Lux series is more YA than NA but it's exciting, it's different, the characters are hot and unique.”

    - Keep Reading Real

    Published Book One 05/08/2012

    The Captive series by Erica Stevens

    Erica Stevens / Via

    Was that a tree branch breaking? Or maybe a sexy vampire? If you are ever lost in the woods, you want to hope these warrior creatures sweep you off your feet and safely into their arms.

    “Captive series – highly addictive, superbly written vampire series that will hook you from the very first book.”

    - Little Lamb Reader

    “Captive series – strong female character who fights for what she knows to be right with the help of hot alpha vamps.”

    - Spiritual Wanderer

    Published Book One 05/30/2012

    FantasyLand series by Kristen Ashley

    Kristen Ashley / Via

    These characters are set to cast a spell on you, ensuring you read the entire series while ignoring all adult-like responsibilities. This beloved author spread her wings and threw a wide net to spellbind her readers. Have we caught you in the enchantment?

    “I have to say I was so impressed with KA's Fantasyland series. I hope she writes more. The Golden Dynasty is my favorite KA book, even replacing At Peace.”

    - The Boss

    “I don't read PNR but I did read both KA series and loved them. I was actually surprised. I was surprised I was stupid and didn't have faith that KA can write ANYTHING and I'd like it”

    - Travel via Stories

    “Fantasyland series is the only one I've read by Kristen Ashley. But I can tell why she's well loved. She's very gifted at twisting a story.”

    - Keep Reading Real

    “Again, another series packed full of alpha men who simultaneously make you want to slap them, then trap them with their head between your thighs. Hot, possessive, addictive and with amazing world building.”

    - Fruit Taffy

    Published Book One 12/07/2013

    Mates Collection by Cardeno C.

    Jay Aheer / Via

    Power wolves rule this world. And why can’t they have a world where #loveislove too? This series checked all the boxes for our readers looking for hot alpha males


    “Shifters ✔️ Soulmates ✔️ M/M ✔️ Packed with emotions ✔️ You'll will root for each couple to find each other and fight the stigma of loving another man.”

    - Little Lamb Reader

    Published Book One 07/31/2015

    Masters Among Monsters series by Ella Frank

    Hang Le / Via

    When the forbidden is SO damn sexy, why of course you say “Bite Me”… and offer to let them bite you all over.

    “I'm not a PNR reader. But a trusted friend recommended this series and I loved it. It was suspenseful, had a gripping story line that unfolded throughout the series. Oh and did I mention that the Ancient Vasilios - whoa baby. This was suspenseful page turner and HOT!

    - My Own Bookshelves

    I AM THAT FRIEND, and I completely stand by that recommendation. It was so smartly written, so sexy, so unique. I loved Ella's twist on traditional vampire tales, and am OBSESSED with my Diomêdês.

    - Snarky Aussie

    “Not my usual type of read, however, I have loved EVERYTHING Ella writes, as she is such a fantastic story teller so I thought I would trust and try (no pun intended) and found the books engaging and well worth reading.”

    - Fog Dweller

    Published Book One 10/13/2015

    Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter

    Gena Showalter/HQN / Via

    What happens when a group of immortal warriors want to break a curse? Well, our book friends volunteer to help these sexy creatures out of their tricky box.

    “This series WOWED me from the first book. The concept is intriguing—warriors cursed with demons from Pandora's Box—and the execution is adventurous, blood-pumping *and* thigh-clenching.”

    - Not a Bored Panda

    Published Book One 01/18/2016

    We’ve Bared Our Necks...

    em.wattpad / Via

    Never have we been so hot for creatures that go bump and grind in the night. Did we fail to draw out your favorite beast? Spill your most loved romance creature features in the comments! And if you are feeling a bit alienated with your favorite spirits or angels left out, never fear—we’ve got it on a higher authority that those recommendations are coming… soon.

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