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    Tricky Triangles: When Love Gets Out of Shape

    Are you torn between two novels? Tired of feeling like a fool in your choices? Join the heroes and heroines who find that decision making isn’t a skill they can list on their resume. These 16 recommendations had our book friends emotions running in circles. This list should make your choices all squared up.

    Love Me With Lies series by Tarryn Fisher

    Tarryn Fisher / Via

    If memory serves us right, this hero now has two vixens fighting to the finish, determined to make him their own. But getting past the obstacle of a few lies may prove to be a bigger challenge.

    “Never have I disliked 3 characters so much, they're cruel and manipulative. And yet Tarryn has the amazing ability to make me feel for each of them at different stages of the journey!”

    - Bonny Book Lass

    “Absolutely. Couldn't agree more. They're probably three of the worst characters in the history of books yet you can't not be drawn into their stories and see their side of things in each part. Equal measures hatred and like. I was honestly torn with these but couldn't put them down and loved all three books. I need a re-read!!”

    - Weekend Warrior

    Published Book One 11/14/2011

    Arsen by Mia Asher

    Mae I Designs / Via

    Love, betrayal, and forgiveness? This story has your angsty heart’s desires all wrapped up in the consequences of the heroine’s choices.

    “Because I've never had a book mess me up so emotionally and make me question everything about my morals... It's passionate and heartbreaking and authentic in a way that makes you really question what's right, what's wrong—if life is black and white or a whole lotta gray.”

    - Big on Details

    OMG, this book destroyed me!! The emotions that are brought up in this book are beyond real!! I have never loved and hated a book so much in my life!! This book is a powerful tell about what can happen in a marriage when tragedy strikes too many times.”

    - Equal Judgement

    “This story broke me. I cried because I understood her pain. I cried because I didn't understand what she was doing. Just an amazing story of imperfectly lost characters.”

    - Cuban Capo

    “Mia takes the reader through an intensely emotional journey, and in the process takes your heart and twists and stomps on it until the very end. The story feels so real as we witness the painful downward spiral of a marriage. Just thinking about that book makes my heart hurt but it's SO worth the angst and tears!!”

    - Fabulous Fangirl

    Published 12/02/2013

    Honorable Mention: Easy Virtue/Sweetest Venom

    “I was so angry at Blaire throughout this book. She made some really questionable choices and I spent the majority of it cursing her and being mad at her but at the same time couldn't help liking her and her story. I didn't agree with a lot of what she did but a really good series. And I had my choice of guy, it was a no-brainer for me!!"

    -Weekend Warrior

    Against All Odds by Angie McKeon

    Mae I Designs / Via

    Life throws this married couple a wrench. Instead of throwing back, they can’t seem to now fix what they have broken and re-broken.

    “This book had me squirming, on the edge of my seat, and wanting to throw my kindle at times. I read it over two years ago and still think about it.”

    - Too Hot For Vegas

    Published 04/01/2014

    53 Letters For My Lover by Leylah Attar

    Leylah Attar / Via

    When life hands you a dysfunctional family and an arranged marriage to an emotionally absent husband, you are compelled to find happiness wherever you can. And if that’s in the arms of a confident business man, we aren’t going to tell you no.

    “She does a different take on a love triangle story because the heroine is in an arranged marriage. Another angsty love triangle with lots of push and pull that had me on the edge of my seat! This was my first book by Leylah that I read, and I instantly fell in love with her gorgeous writing and have been a fan ever since!”

    - Fabulous Fangirl

    Published 06/17/2014

    Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

    Atria Books / Via

    If you think college life is all sunshine and roses, you’ve obviously never had your heart stomped on by your current boyfriend. However, if you just so happen to have a handsome, mysterious neighbor, you may find a way to make beautiful music again.

    “I loved the way her writing allowed me to sympathize with all the characters involved. There was 'no bad guy'.”

    - Travel Via Stories

    Published 08/18/2014

    Undone (The Unexpected series) by Amy Marie

    Sara Eirew / Via

    Who would you choose? The alpha single father? Or the hottie with the eight pack? Yes, we completely understand this heroine’s inability to make a solid choice.

    “In Undone, Noelle is dating Jace, and has always lusted after Trent, but their timing is never right and they have a definite love/hate dynamic. Trent has never been available in any way, but when he finally knows that Noelle is his girl she's with someone else. Too bad Trent isn't going to just not fight. Such a fantastic triangle and full of emotional turmoil! Love these characters!"

    - Bookshelf Buster

    Published 10/13/2014

    The Here and Now series by Lexi Ryan

    Sara Eirew / Via

    Our heroine finally has that ring on her finger from the man she’s loved afar. However that angry, tatted, sexy as hell rocker wants you. Why would you ever say no to any of those choices?

    “Hanna wakes up after being in a coma with no memories of the past year. Max says he's her fiancée, and then along comes Nate. The story is set over 3 books, so there are cliff hangers. It's full of angst, and you can see how Hanna has a difficult time choosing between them.”

    - Classy and Crafty

    Published 10/14/2014

    Alexa series by TR Cupak

    Tugboat Designs / Via

    You have a choice: the wild and unpredictable boy next door or the quiet, stable lifelong friend. Can we see if there is a door number three where we can keep both?

    Omg best triangle ever!!!!! Devin was my love though.”

    - Books Are My Babies

    Published Book One 02/19/2015

    Licked (LA Liaisons series) by Brooke Blaine

    Hang Le / Via

    On one hand you have a sexy ex-football player and on the other, a handsome man who is definitely handy. AND you own an ice cream store with booze. Yes, the choices this heroine has to make are too delicious to decide in one sampling.

    “I don't typically go for triangle books—my poor heart can't handle it—but the cover and blurb made me pick up Licked, and I'm so glad I did. It's funny and sweet, and the triangle is... skewed. In the best way. Basically, Licked is a lighthearted, swoony kinda-triangle. Perfect.”

    - Snarky Aussie

    Published 11/10/2015

    Walking Heartbreak by Sunniva Dee

    Clarise Tan / Via

    You are saved by a man and now that song has begun to fade. The wedding ring on your finger should keep new songs from entering your heart. Yeah, this heroine finds out our hearts never listen.

    “She takes two totally unique spins on this idea in her rocker series. Walking Heartbreak is a "love triangle" between a potential love interest and an old love the MC can't let go of. (Heartbreakingly beautiful - no pun intended).”

    - Tea Totaller

    Published 12/15/2015

    Honorable Mention: In the Absence of You

    “In the Absence of You we have two MCs who absolutely should not be together but keep trying to heal wounds in each other while they ache for more (in the male MC's case, another woman he pushed away and wants back).

    - Tea Totaller

    Falling for Hudson (Punk Stars series) by Alexandria Bishop

    Indie Solutions / Via

    Our heroine decides to leave a life of broken dreams behind. What she didn’t intend to find was not one but two brothers who can give her everything she wants.

    “Chloe is confused and broken emotionally, and the brothers step in and offer support in their own way. I devoured this book, really enjoyed it.”

    - Classy and Crafty

    Published 12/22/2015

    Black Swan Affair by KL Krieg

    Book Cover by Design / Via

    Ever wonder who can be crowned the most dysfunctional family? How about if the man who made you promises in college marries your sister? You only have one option – marry his brother.

    “Choosing between two brothers Killian and Kael. This book was gut wrenching and I didn't know which way she was going to go right up to the end, both brothers are endearing but knowing they have secrets is unnerving. My heart was smashed to pieces and I had to walk away from this book a number of times. I still think about it now.”

    - Bonny Book Lass

    THIS!!!! A MILLION TIMES THIS! As a reader I have never felt so torn between two love interests. It was perfectly executed. I had to stop and digest the words every so often because I had no idea where she was taking us. I had a legit knot in my stomach the whole time!”

    - Wine Tasting is my Second Job

    “I agree with all of this!! Loved it so much!!”

    - Weekend Warrior

    Published 10/17/2016

    Tell Me How This Ends ( Tell Me Series) by Victoria De La O

    St Martin's Press / Via

    Our heroine has met a man who heals the wounds of her heart. But what she didn’t count on was his brother being just as impossible to resist.

    “MC meets and falls for two guys around the same time, not knowing they're brothers. I love it because you get all 3 POV, and it's the first book I've read that does that.”

    - Aerial Reader

    Published 12/06/2016

    The Monday Girl/The Someday Girl (The Girl Duet) by Julie Johnson

    Julie Johnson / Via

    What is a heroine to do? We have a choice of a hot A-list actor or happy, charismatic director. She’ll need to make a choice before they call it a wrap.

    “I cannot even express how much I loved these books. So filled with emotion and angst but with surprising moments of humor. The writing is fantastic, so many highlighted quotes, it was like poetry. When these books came out I may or may not have harassed all of my book friends to read them”

    - Warrior Nurse

    Published 12/06/2016

    Dirty Filthy Rich Men (Dirty Duet) by Laurelin Paige

    Laurelin Paige and Jenn Watson

    Two hot, dominating alpha men that rock a suit like nobody’s business. Hmmm… we can see why you’d rather not make a choice to have just one.

    “I'm currently waiting for the conclusion, Dirty Filthy Rich Love, to be released but omg from the beginning I was hooked on this and triangles are not my usual cuppa but this was done in such a way that I could totally dig it and beg for more.”

    - Bean Town Patriot

    Published 03/27/17

    Honorable Mentions: Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyers and Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

    Stephenie Meyers/Suzanne Collins / Via

    It goes without saying, mainstream books often have a

    We aren’t asking you to make a choice

    Fearless Assassins / Via

    Who says you have to choose between two?! Don’t worry about breaking any rules when you pick more than one of our recommendations; it doesn’t mean you love any others less. But perhaps we missed some of your favorite triangles… If so, drop a comment below and let us know what we’re missing!

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