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    On A Book Binge With KU Korner: The Bachelorette Episode

    Welcome back to our next episode with KU Korner! Missed the premiere episode? Never fear, just click here to get caught up. We are back in the stacks of the HUGE library on Kindle Unlimited to find you authors who can fill your book-date card with amazing reads. It’s time to Kindle Unlimited and cuddle.

    Frustrated by previous dates just not measuring up... / Via

    Have you cracked open a book wanting to have a satisfying evening only to end up like Andi instead of Kaitlin? We agree that when a book-date sucks, it can really make you leery of jumping back in the bookshelves. We’ve found three Kindle Unlimited romance authors whose characters will make you feel better about dating your next book boyfriend.


    Brooke Blaine, author / Via

    Every episode has an emcee. In this case, it a woman with skill to find your favorite kinky match, and all under the glittery lights of Los Angeles. Shayne from Hooker channels her energy to finding matches for everyone in Hollywood but never gets her own.

    If you adore Chris Harriman, then settle in with Hooker.

    If you couldn’t choose between Nick Viall or Josh Murray, then choose Licked.

    If Kaitlyn Bristow is your spirit animal, P.I.T.A is your next read.


    Catherine Bybee, author / Via

    When it comes to matchmaking, author Catherine Bybee offers an entire The Weekday Bride series centering around the firm of Alliance. Each book ends with a final rose ceremony guaranteed to make you believe that happily ever after does exist in the dating game.

    If Ali Fedortowsky’s combination of girl–next–door dreams and dynamo businesswoman could be your BFF, borrow Wife by Wednesday.

    If your future needs a dazzing publicist like Jen Schefft, add Married by Monday to your team.

    If you’ve got grace and charm like Emily Maynard, then read Fiancé by Friday.


    Poppy Dunne, author / Via

    Be a woman with a plan. Set up the rules of engagement and do not deviate. However, you can most definitely throw those plans out the window when a package like Jack Carraway steps out of the limo.

    If you swooned over Andrew Firestone, then deposit Dating the Billionaire on your eReader.

    Wish you had your own Ben Flanjnik in your life? Make sure you grab Room Service.

    If you’re on the lookout for you own Doug Clerget, Extra Credit should fill the bill.

    Are you ready to jump into the book dating pool? / Via

    Choosing books from the vast offerings of Kindle Unlimited is a bit like speed dating. You get limited facts and hope your date turns out to be your perfect match. Hopefully, our final three will handing out those final roses not so intimidating.

    Looking for MORE out of your KU Subscription?

    Mila Grayson

    Are you looking for a place where can you find KU authors and readers alike, all looking to find amazing stories to read and series to binge?

    If the answer is a resounding YES, then here is the perfect slice of KU paradise you've been looking for. I found this group extremely helpful in finding KU books:

    Facebook Reader Group - KU Korner | a Romance Reader Group

    Facebook Page - KU Book Reviews

    Website - Kindle Unlimited Book Reviews

    Or add in the comments where you find the best places to find the best in KU recommendations.

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