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On A Book Binge with KU Korner: Scandal Episode

Welcome back to our next episode with KU Korner! We are back to the stacks in the HUGE library on Kindle Unlimited to find you authors who can fill your nights with amazing reads. It’s time to Kindle Unlimited and cuddle up with your favorite political intrigue. Because real life isn’t scandalous enough.

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Are Your Reading Choices In A Deficit?

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If you look at your eReader and feel that it’s in crisis for a great romance story, we’ve got our crack team of book friends scouting out the best candidates. We’ve got your issues covered when trying to find the very best in romance stories that give us the suspense and fun of political intrigue.


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When seeking a man who brings presence to the office, our firm endorsement is for Barrett Landry. However, we’d make an exception to our platform if Cane Alexander or Branch Best entered the race.

If you are looking for someone to handle your bad press like Samantha Ruland, grab Lucky Number Eleven for the proper exposure.

You’ll want to grab The Exception if Jake Ballard is your frontrunner.

Need a man who wears a ‘white hat’ like David Rosen, Sway should occupy your eReader.


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Never fear to cast a vote in your precinct for entertaining story telling with Katy Regnery. She hits every whistle stop in genre if you have a mandate for a guaranteed happily ever after to ratify your romance reads.

Need a man who is primary in your life like Fitzgerald Grant, your vote will be cast for Campaigning for Christopher.

In need of a woman to handle her ‘staff’ like Elizabeth North, The Director and Don Juan should be your running mate for next read.

If you feel like you are splitting your vote between Charlie and Huck, Ginger’s Heart would be our poll winner.


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We would like to inaugurate the Pierce Brothers into your book list if you want a landslide of engaging reading. But if you are more interested in a dark horse, then we have a candidate who fulfills your wicked needs.

Feel like you want to have Abby Whelan be a frontrunner for a HEA, then Fall Into Temptation should be on your ticket.

If you are able relate to Olivia Pope’s troubled family life, make sure to lobby Crossing the Line and Breaking the Rules in your TBR.

Sometimes you are looking for an independent who can fix up your campaign like Marcus Walker. Mr. Fixer Upper can help any constituent in need. Gannon King…*sigh*

You’ve got all the Candidates for a Full Ticket


We haven’t found a lame duck amongst the recommendations when we asked for something a bit naughty with a political theme. When looking through the KU catalog, we don’t think you’ll give our nominees a veto but instead a landslide victory. Curl up with your eReader and your favorite beverage to sink into some balanced reading.

Looking for MORE out of your KU Subscription?

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Are you looking for a place where can you find KU authors and readers alike, all hoping to find amazing stories to read and series to binge?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then here is the perfect slice of KU paradise you've been looking for that I have found extremely helpful to find KU books:

Facebook Reader Group - KU Korner | a Romance Reader Group

Facebook Page - KU Book Reviews

Website - Kindle Unlimited Book Reviews

Or add in the comments where you find the best places to find the best in KU recommendations.

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