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    Posted on Jul 19, 2017

    On A Book Binge With KU Korner: Game Of Thrones Premiere Episode

    Remember that giddy feeling as a kid walking down the rows of books at the library? So many choices and no clue which to pick, amiright? And it couldn't be just one book from Sweet Valley High; you needed at least two to last you through the week. Just like books, we binge on TV shows like they will suddenly disappear from the stacks. But Netflix and chill is so last week, which is why we’ve teamed up with KU Korner to produce a monthly episode for you to indulge in. Hmm, Kindle Unlimited and cuddle, perhaps?

    Seriously, we've got three historical authors to discuss

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    Time to set the Kindle aside and listen up. You've finished the season premier of GoT, what better way to kick off our first installment than with three of the top historical romance writers we've found on KU.


    Alyson Santos / Via

    Are you needing to fill the hole that Khal Drago left behind? Look no further that Jason from Tricent Commissioning by Alyson Santos.

    Alyson Santos is a new indie writer to the world of romance. Besides historical fiction, she also offers up a bad boy rockers and dystopian spies to your KU library of finds.

    Love Khal Drago? Then read Tricent Commissioning.

    Love Jon Snow? Time to borrow Night Shifts Black.

    Love Jaqen H’ghar? Traitor is the book you’re after.


    Kristin Vayden / Via

    Arya Stark found young love while seeking revenge and hiding her identity at times. If you’re looking for a story that masks the heroine's intentions, then the pages of The Forsaken Love of A Lord are just the place to lose yourself.

    Kristen Vayden offers a variety of storylines to entice the reader for whatever mood strikes. Revenge, debutant/spy in training, or maybe a journey of healing, all these stories {and more} you'll find on KU to satisfy your reading pleasure.

    Love Arya Stark? Then read The Forsaken Love of A Lord.

    Love Margaery Tyrell? Then get your copy of A Hoyden and a Heiress.

    Love Jamie Lannister? Settle in to read Beyond Broken.


    Eleanor Meyers / Via

    Are you a hopeless romantic with dreams of winning Jamie's heart like Brienne of Tarth? If you love a sweet romance without all the bodice ripping, then Eleanor Meyers will give you your heart’s desire.

    Eleanor Meyers’ special love of all things Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer shine through in her writing. Specializing in clean romance, she is one of the top 4+ star reviewed historical authors of KU.

    Looking for all things that are Brienne? Then read Regency Romance Book series.

    Are you ready to download a few old but new stories? / Via

    Now we've put the baby dragons to bed, time to turn the channel and maybe binge on a sitcom or two. Return back to see what favorite TV series we channel when next browsing the stacks in KU.

    Looking for MORE out of your KU Subscription?

    Mila Grayson / Via

    Are you looking for a place where can you find KU authors and readers alike, all hoping to find amazing stories to read and series to binge?

    If the answer is a resounding YES, then here is the perfect slice of KU paradise you've been looking for that I have found extremely helpful in finding KU books:

    Facebook Reader Group - KU Korner | a Romance Reader Group

    Facebook Page - KU Book Reviews

    Website - Kindle Unlimited Book Reviews

    And PLEASE add in the comments where you find the best places to find the best in KU recommendations.

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