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On A Book Binge With KU Korner: Firefly Episode

Welcome back to our next episode with KU Korner! Missed the last one? Never fear - just click here to get caught up. We are riding back into the stacks in the HUGE of Kindle Unlimited library to find you authors who can fill your nights with a mix of cowboys and otherworldly visions. It's time to saddle up with Kindle Unlimited.

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When you think about romance, you often find that some things don’t mix. But then again, what if you’re in the mood for good ol’ western values with a little space adventure thrown in? Can we rustle up what your heart yearns for? We found three authors that transcend the subgenres, from true cowpoke fluttering to heart-stopping paranormal.

Em Petrova

Em Petrova / Via

When we meandered down the valleys of the KU shelves looking for those true blue, make-your-heart-swoon cowboys, our hospitable book friends insisted we ride no further than Em Petrova. And what can we say? These men and women are looking mighty fine after a long, hard ride.

If you are looking for a soldier to fill those boots like Mal Reynolds, Brodie Bell from Kickin’ Up Dust is the right fit.

Jayne Cobb has a soft spot in your tender heart? Then check out Wydell Jackson from Spurs & Surrender.

Nancy Herkness

PEPE Nymi / Via

After a spell, we found ourselves down the other side of the KU western valley. Luckily, a sight for sore eyes rose out of the pasture of books galore to find us at the threshold of Nancy Herkness’ tough-yet-loving cowpokes.

Dr. Tim Arbuckle from Take Me Home will surely fill the bill if you are in need of your own personal Simon Tam.

Zoe Washburn showed the men of Serenity there was strength behind that beautiful face. You’ll find her western twin in Julie Castillo from Country Roads.

Bella Forrest

Nightlight Press / Via

When the crew of Serenity lands on a planet, sometimes the locals are not as hospitable as a ranch hand would expect. If you are looking for unexpected stories to keep you guessing, Bella Forrest has a thriller that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours.

River Tam knows what it’s like to fight the demons in her head. Liana Castell is up against her worst nightmare in The Girl Who Dared To Think and flees like River in The Girl Who Dared To Stand.

Honorable Mention: Paul Pen

David Drummond / Via

Since we’re on the subject of round objects that light up in the night sky, it would be remiss for us not to mention this dystopian story by Spanish author Paul Pen. It’s like the crew of Serenity—full of secrets and never sure if they are fighting for the right thing.

Capture The Light of the Fireflies in your e-Reader tonight.

Time To Rustle Down Yonder And Read A Spell

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Whether a rough riding cowpoke or maybe a spelling binding fantasy, we hope you find these Kindle Unlimited recommendations to your likin’. If you have some to offer up, drop your favorite romance westerns or sci-fi in the comments!

Looking For More Out Of Your KU Subscription?

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Are you looking for a place where can you find KU authors and readers alike, all hoping to find amazing stories to read and series to binge?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then here is the perfect slice of KU paradise you've been looking for:

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