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Military Hotties: Books That Make Us Shout “HOO-RAH”

When you're ready, I'll honor, protect and serve you up some military deliciousness. These stories won’t leave your heart on standby to standby, but check your six (and your panties) and prepare for a field strip. Our book friends found you 13 of the best GIs, airmen, and all the special forces in romance for some mandatory fun.

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SEAL of My Dreams (Hold Trilogy) by Stephanie Bond, Elle Kennedy, Leslie Kelly, Jo Leigh, Jami Alden, Stephanie Tyler, etc.

Croco Designs / Via

Sometimes you just need a nibble. A snack size bit of hot and spicy is what you get when the Naval elite decide to serve up romance. When it comes their service for the damsel of the story, these men do it with honor and heart.

“This is a collection of 18 very short stories with SEAL men who are ready to steal your hearts while whisking off your panties. This anthology is one of those 'guilty pleasure' reads. Where you just have time to sneak in a quickie.”

- My Own Bookshelves

Published: 11/11/2011

Hot Pursuit (Hostile Operations Team series) by Lynn Raye Harris

Lynn Raye Harris / Via

It’s been ten years since this special force snuck off with her virginity. She’s not willing to give this stealthy man another chance. But when fate has plans and she needs his special set of skills, it seems that maybe they will find their hearts are on the line.

“I haven't read the entire 11 book series, but I did read the first several. All were very good and full of active duty Army. She also has the HOT SEALs series.”

- Fashion Forward Teacher

Published 07/13/2013

Saved By His Submissive (The Wild Boys of Special Forces series) by Angel Payne

Parajunkee Design / Via

Our hero has been made to embrace the suck for too long. When an operation in Thailand takes our hero into the jungle, there is more waiting for him than a bunch of kidnapped aid workers in need of rescue.

“This series is without a doubt my favorite military series. It has it all... heart, heat and a message that stays with you. I love them!”

- Wine Tasting is my Second Job

Published 01/12/2014

Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers series) by Claudia Conner

Georgia Morrissey / Via

Our hero has six days and a wake up and is not looking for friendship or a hook up. But when single, pregnant mom and her four children wiggle their way under your gear, you can’t let go of the strings they’ve wrapped around your heart.

“This book... good grief. It started my love affair with Claudia Connor. What's not to love about a man falling for a heavily pregnant widow/single mother while on a beach trip? The emotions in this book are riotous, they take you over, pull you under and draw you to the edge of your seat.”

- Snarky Aussie

“Matt Montgomery is life.”

- Fashion Forward Teacher

“They meet on the beach while the hero is home on leave. The navy seal and the single mother forge a friendship build on trust and mutual respect that in the end turns out to be more than any of them thought it could be. Just a feel-good story, spiced with some steamy scenes that will leave you wanting you read more from this talented author.”

- Spiritual Wanderer

Published 09/09/2014

Here With Me (The Archer Brothers) by Heidi McLaughlin

Okay Creations / Via

When a mission goes wrong, you expect to leave your gear adrift. What's unexpected, however, is that your twin brother picks up your gift and now you’re in an unexpected fight.

Everything. No really, it's got a mystery/suspense element as Evan and his Seal team return from a long-term mission to find that they were declared dead. Trying to reconnect or in some cases find their families. Second chance romance. All active duty military, as Evan's twin brother is also a SEAL. Trying to find out who is behind what happened to them and why. It's just fantastic!”

- Bookshelf Buster

Published 10/23/2014

Playing With Fire Complete Series Books 1-4 by T.E. Sivec

TE Sivec / Via

These heroes may sometimes have good initiative, bad judgement when trying to win the affections of the heroines. However these sassy civilians are not going to let our boys down.

“The series features a team of active duty Navy SEALS. Epic suspense and epic romance. This series made me laugh, cry, and gasp in suspense.”

- #1 Braves Fan

Published 11/18/2014

Eyes Turned SkyWard (Flight & Glory) by Rebecca Yarros

Heather Howland and Brittany Marczak / Via

When the perfect girl is the Wing King’s daughter, things are likely to get a bit complicated. Our hero may end up breaking red to win the heart of this spirited heroine.

“She completely captured my emotions and held me captivated to every word. Together, Paisley and Jagger are explosive, but that's the problem. They can both end up wreaking havoc on the other’s life without even knowing it. This is a great story, with characters you will love from the very beginning.”

- Sassy Southern

Published 12/08/2014

Unexpected Fate (Hope Town series) by Harper Sloan

Perfect Pear Creative Covers / Via

Two deployments will not put a stop to the feelings our hero has. When he is no longer able to keep her arm’s length, all the feelings from when he was back on the block return rapid fire.

“Cohen is active military and deployed for part of the book. The story follows them from when Dani is a teenager until she is old enough to be in the place she needs to be to have a relationship with Cohen. He fights his feelings until he can't anymore.”

- Fashion Forward Teacher

Published 02/17/2015

Consolation (The Consolation Duet) by Corrine Michaels

Okay Creations / Via

Our heroine isn’t looking for another military hottie to warm the lonely nights. But when your heart finds another perfect match to light your fires, do you honor the fallen or be brave for a new fall?

“Liam is a Navy Seal and absolute perfection! Just the right amount of everything you'd want in a perfect man. A touch of Alpha, great sense of humor, honest, loyal, hot AF, and totally swoon worthy. I just fell in love again thinking about him!”

- Too Hot For Vegas

Published 02/26/2015

Beyond What Is Given (Flight & Glory) by Rebecca Yarros

Heather Howland / Via

This airman went below the zone and was tacking on until a firecracker gets in his way. But the spark-plug isn’t going to give up easily in the fight to win this flyboy’s heart.

“Grayson Masters is a strong man both mentally and physically. Samantha Fitzgerald is a spitfire! When Grayson and Samantha are thrown together, sparks fly. The question is ... Will the chemistry they feel be enough to overcome their mutual past? Note: I love Rebecca's writing because she's living it. Her husband is an active duty Apache pilot”

- Sly Dog

Published 09/28/2015

The Cornerstone (The Walsh Family series) by Kate Canterbary

Kate Canterbary / Via

She thinks this is over, but our Special Forces operator isn’t just going to standby and wait for this relationship to end up like a soup sandwich. Our heroine has no impact, no idea to the lengths he will go to keep her.

“Will Halstead. Isn't that reason enough? This book is the reason I fell in love with the Walsh family. It was funny, sexy, angsty—basically ALL of the things—and because of it, this entire series remains at the very top of my must-read list when it comes to recommendations.  It's book four, but I read it first and had no trouble following along. Just be prepared to go back to book one and start the series from scratch.”

- Snarky Aussie

OMG. This man does not have it in his DNA to hear the word no. And bless Shannon for not turning him down. These two - AMAZING and PERFECT together.”

- My Own Bookshelves

Published 12/08/2015

Fly With Me (Wild Aces Romance) by Chanel Cleeton

Claudio Marinesco/Danielle Mazzella di Bosco / Via

One wicked hot weekend has this pilot locking on this sexy woman for fun. However, these two realize this insta-chemistry isn’t just a short burn but on for the long term.

“The characters are well written and interesting. They embrace their flaws as they try to make a relationship work. Moments of humor, especially the Top Gun/Tom Cruise references. I feel like it's a realistic picture of a long-distance relationship/what a military spouse might have to put up with.”

- Late Night Reader

“This entire series is BEYOND amazing. I don't even have words for how much I loved it.”

- Not a Bored Panda

Published 05/02/2016

Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata

Romantic Book Affairs / Via

What does a grunt do to spend time in FOB while anxiously awaiting status to becoming a double-digit midget? He finds a pen-pal leading down a slow burning path to more.

“Why I loved it? Because it's Mariana Zapata... how can you not?! Lol. BUT with that said, it's not war-angsty, if that makes sense. It's like long distance angst.”

- Big on Details

“Yes!!!! I second that!  Dear Aaron is a beautiful love story, it starts off slow and by the end you're cheering for the 'couple' of friends to express their feelings. It's a sweet, fun and feel good type of book that everyone should read and judge by themselves.”

- Spiritual Wanderer

Published 06/10/2017

Did we find you some new Blues Buddies to fill your Mission?

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We hope that this week’s list has given you some good initiative and great judgement. Strip that full battle rattle, get comfortable, and soldier up some reading time. Did we forget any buddies in battle? If so, drop your favorite romance gear in the comments!

PS: Keep checking back. We haven’t forgotten our Veterans.

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