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    LoveisLoveisLove: Let’s Get One Thing Straight, I’m Not

    Homework Assignment: We didn’t want just any LBGTQ romance. The requirements were the best of Gay for You (GFY) or Coming Out obstacle stories. We got too many recommendations—you know what that means? More lists! But first, here are the 18 most repeated recommendations for GFY/Coming Out reads by publication date.

    Something Different by T Baggins

    J David Peterson / Via

    You head to the park to find something, anything that will make you happy for a few hours. When the hooker isn’t the hook-up you expected, this is what you experience with this romance.

    “This book is about a man who is stuck in a rut and terribly unhappy. He finds a rent boy one day when he's been dared to finally do something different and falls hard.”

    -All the Colors

    Category: M/M Subcategory: GFY

    Published 10/1/2011

    Try (Temptation series) by Ella Frank

    Ella Frank / Via

    Pardon while we finish wiping the drool off our chins from this cover. This lawyer will give anyone a try. But when a sexy bartender tells him no, he’s left putting his best negotiation skills to the test.

    “A cherry? I don't-" ...
    "I popped it, sucked on the seed, then licked it all up, and made it mine."

    “Oh my Logan. Yes, he is Mr. Playboy—all swagger and sex appeal. What happens when he meets someone who can't fall easily under his charm? Well, he has to ask them to give him a try.”

    -Serious Series Referee

    “One of the best gay for you books I have ever read.”

    -NJ Girl

    Category: Bi/M Subcategory: GFY

    Published 11/12/2013

    Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane

    LC Chase / Via

    When entitled football player gets a goodbye kiss from his out-and-proud friend, his emotions spin from the unexpected blindside. He comes home for the holidays and finds everything he wants isn’t easy to tackle.

    “This story is about a young man just out of high school who finds that he is 'Oliversexual'. On his journey through a summer job onto the college education that his parents want for him, he comes home for the holidays and things change.”

    -All The Colors

    Category: M/M Subcategory: GFY/Coming Out

    Published 12/7/2013

    Always by Kindle Alexander

    Reese Dante / Via

    Mix a sexy restaurateur with an up-and-coming politician and what do you get? A storyline covering many years and how to overcome family and popularity pressures.

    “This story which spans decades will touch the reader’s heart and soul. Avery and Kane are the shining example of forever love. Kane early on simply can't resist the pull to Avery even though he is torn between his feelings and how he was raised.”

    -Puck Mom

    “I love you, Avery. Always. You completed my life. You made me whole, gave me hope, made me a better man. For me, you were everything right in my life.”

    “This is one of my favorite books. It tells the beautiful love story of Avery and Kane. It brings you through every emotional roller coaster imaginable and you will love every moment. I still remember the Saturday night I spent with these two men. It was one of my top reads of 2014.”

    -Shots and Pages

    Category: M/M Subcategory: Coming Out

    Published 3/11/2014

    Trust the Focus (In Focus series) by Megan Erickson

    InterMix/Megan Erickson / Via

    When you travel in close quarters and you both hold secrets, either those secrets burst out or someone gets left on the side of the road.

    “This was a great story of unrequited love and friendship. Justin and Landry were just taking a trip at the end of summer before adulting commences. Told in dual POV, you are just rooting for each one to really 'see' the other. It's not all easy. But that's what makes the HEA so sweet.”

    -Serious Series Referee

    Category: M/M Subcategory: GFY/Coming Out

    Published 3/17/2015

    Crossroads (Crossroads series) by Riley Hart

    X-Potions Designs / Via

    Recently divorced chef moves into a duplex and finds more than friendship. This motorcycle man takes him on a journey where he has never felt such freedom.

    “It's hot, the characters are sweet together. When they figure their relationship out it's real with real feelings and concerns.”

    -Keeping Reading Real

    “I just...I could read this again and again. The passion. The humor. The discovery. It's such a joy to read, so incredibly sexy and *sigh* still one of my very favorite MM reads.”

    -Snarky Aussie

    “If I owned this in paperback it would be dog eared for how many times I’ve read it. Both Nick and Bryce have issues that hinder their ability to trust and commit. But, the fact they are both straight moving to a same gender relationship isn't the core conflict. Yes, there are issues with acceptance but Ms. Hart doesn't spend all the energy on that typical angsty storyline. I could connect with both Nick and Bryce's dilemmas as they moved forward.”

    -My Own Bookshelves

    Category: M/M Subcategory: GFY/Coming Out

    Published 7/28/2015

    Him (Him duet) by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

    Shannon Lumetta / Via

    When competing college hockey teams meet up for a championship, it’s not the only tension in the rink. Throw in a mix of coming out via social media, this story will score a win.

    “Without a doubt, hands down, no questions asked, this duet—exactly. That book actually really shifted my opinions on homosexuality. I was always a yeah what makes you happy just don't bother me...this book made me see the beauty of love being love.”

    -The Instigator

    “Love that book!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie is such a great example of I WANT YOU. It wasn't about what gender Ryan was. Simply that he LOVES HIM! The second duet book, US, Ryan finally sees it is worth risking it all to fully have Jamie by his side"

    -Puck Mom

    Category: M/M Subcategory: GFY/Coming Out

    Published 7/28/2015

    Vulnerable by Tymber Dalton

    Harris Channing / Via

    This series is highly recommended when looking for BDSM storylines. A man separated from his wife meets the one who can fulfill his needs. But it’s not all heat and passion—prepare to have Kleenex in hand.

    “The emotions elicited from this book are strong. I feel sorrow, anger and an overwhelming desire to kill. If I was a vengeance demon, my work in this situation would require overtime. This is what makes Ms. Dalton's writing so good. She is able to generate intense feelings in the reader and most can relate to the situations. This makes a reader feel more connected to the book. This connection is so good and I ended up with a book hangover after this one.”

    -KitKat Book Addict

    Category: M/M Subcategory: Coming Out

    Published 8/24/2015

    Sunset Park (Five Boroughs series) by Santino Hassell

    Dreamspinner Press / Via

    When opposites attract, the reader is always guaranteed to see sparks fly. Uptight meets out and proud in this sexually charged story.

    “But it was the best kind of hard work. I was angry and captivated and infuriated because I was invested. In this book, in these characters, and in the outcome. I was intrigued by the premise of this book, and also by the characters Santino Hassell chose to cast in Sunset Park. Both Raymond and David make appearances in book one, and their match-up, while not completely from out of left field, didn't immediately scream ‘chemistry’ on paper. And yet, they had it—they had it in spades. It was electric, and it made for some very, very hot scenes and some fiery, passionate fighting. Oh, and a good deal of sulking.”

    -Not a Bored Panda

    Category: M/Bi Subcategory: GFY/Coming Out

    Published 12/11/2015

    Wolfsong by TJ Klune

    TJ Klune / Via

    Our heroes meet as youths with an unusual connection that they don’t understand. Fast forward to the future where one is banished for being different, and you will find yourself immersed in this haunting shifter tale.

    “The slow pacing, the fragmented and stuttered writing style, the masculine and poetic inner monologue = perfection. Never has the style of writing ever fit a character better than this did Ox. Ox was this book. He was in every word and syllable. A uniquely written tale. It was clever, witty, often edge of your seat and packed full of feels.”

    -Little Lamb Reader

    Category: M/M Subcategory: Coming Out

    Published 6/20/2016

    Straight by Seth King

    Seth King / Via

    Recovering from a bad breakup with his girlfriend, he realizes that he may not be manly but prefer men. It takes a man confident in his sexuality to help paint a new life.

    “It's a great book, Seth is a fantastic writer. You see a side of things that many authors don't share.”

    -Keeping Reading Real

    “It is a beautiful story. Highly recommend for a perfect coming out.”

    -Juls B Reading

    Category: M/M Subcategory: GFY/Coming Out

    Published 11/27/2016

    One (Love By Numbers series) by ES Carter

    EM Tippetts Book Design / Via

    Charisma and beauty pour off the pages in this tale of combustible passion. Be primed for a rollercoaster of emotions as one man learns to accept himself.

    "Acceptance is Serenity."
    "Love isn't one plus one. It's one plus one times infinity."

    “This author always pulls every emotion you have and leaves you feeling as though you’re a part of her stories. Both of these characters have so much depth and hidden passions, that you will be forever spellbound and captivated by the story that unfolds. No one can walk away from this book without feeling it in their soul. Carter has truly created a masterpiece that I will read again and again.

    - Sassy Southern

    “It's more than a love story. It's a story of loss and hope, anger and forgiveness, condemnation and redemption. I could give you detail to the plot, but why waste your time with that. Instead I'll tell you to just READ this book.”

    -Lube Queen

    Category: Bi/M Subcategory: GFY

    Published 12/1/2016

    Wound Tight (Made In Jersey Series) by Tessa Bailey

    Heather Howland / Via

    When two alpha males move to join forces outside of the workroom and into the bedroom, watch the sparks fly. A tattooed hottie security was not on this CEO’s to-do list.

    “There's just something about this book. It's incredibly hot, yes, but the push/pull of Milo and Renner's relationship is captivating. One is light, fun and the other wound tighter than a drum. Their coming together is intense and emotional. And though this IS a standalone, if you've read the earlier books in the series, it's amazing to see the anti-hero redeem himself.”

    -Snarky Aussie

    Category: M/M Subcategory: Coming Out

    Published 12/15/2016

    Football Sundae by Daryl Banner

    Daryl Banner / Via

    This football player has found himself in a sticky situation. But there is no way he wants to walk away from the sweetness that this dessert chef has to offer.

    “This story is a coming out story of a jock footballer. The humor that Daryl tells his story is just hilarious. Had me in stitches.”

    -Juls B Reading

    Category: M/M Subcategory: Coming Out

    Published 2/4/2017

    Lover On Top by Kristine Cayne

    Andre DeLoach/Empyrean Photography / Via

    Firefighters. Now that we have your undivided attention, you can climb in your personal pumper and be prepared to be doused.

    “I LOVED this story—it was very emotional. The leads had a lot of issues to overcome, and I felt the author handled those well. And the sex was HOT!”

    -DD Loves Books

    Category: M/M Subcategory: Coming Out

    Published 4/28/2017

    One Call Away by Felice Stevens

    Reese Dante / Via

    Take a dare. Make a call as a joke. Or is it? When one call leads you to where you question everything you think you should be and gives you everything you dared to dream.

    “Two individuals who you will fall in love with. One phone call changes everything for the both of them. One is living a lie and one is barely loving. A story about loving yourself and finding love where you least expect it.”

    -Underground Bookfiend

    Category: M/M Subcategory: Coming Out

    Published 4/28/2017

    Guitars and Cages (Guitars series) by Layla Dorine

    Rue Volley / Via

    TBR, if your preference is stories laden with heavy angst. You want your heart ripped out and blended to a frothy cocktail of ugly cry? Then this bartender and his hot rocker will give you the mix of defining your sexuality in this debut novel.

    “Gut wrenching and heartbreaking, but with so much hope, grit and determination in the end.”


    Category: M/M(Trans) Subcategory: Coming Out

    Published 5/25/2017

    A Fairytale Of Possibilities by Kiki Archer

    Fereday Design / Via

    Longtime friends have it easy and fun. An unreturned passionate love turns to panic when the other friend turns to Grindr to shed her widow’s weeds. However, it’s not just clothes she’s looking to change but where she finds love.

    “It is sweet and any tension in the storylines is soon made for easy sailing. The dialogue is wonderfully sharp and funny from all the main and supporting characters. It's like watching a perfect comedy of errors to have one you think you can't have be the one for you.”

    -Lube Queen

    Category: F/F Subcategory: GFY

    Published 6/13/2017

    Personal Favorite Debut to Genre: Strong Enough by Melanie Harlow and David Romanov

    Letitia Hasser, Romantic Book Affairs / Via

    Smart and successful our hero s looking for the perfect final piece to his accomplishments of tasks. What he doesn’t expect is a recent immigrant to fill all the boxes of what he never knew was missing.

    “I think what I most loved about these two characters was the fact of mutual respect that just leaped off the pages at you. As a reader, you felt their connection. All of their emotions didn't feel forced or flip. Completely relatable in every way as characters. If you are a fan of same sex romance and looking for something that gives you an inspirational journey that your person is out there for you, you'll fall in love with this gift of words.”

    -My Own Bookshelves

    Category: M/M Subcategory: GFY/Coming Out

    Published 6/19/2017

    Here Ends Our List To Celebrate Pride Month / Via

    We think our book friends completed their Pride Month homework assignment with A+. But do you think our team of readers missed any great Gay For You (GFY) or Coming Out obstacle storylines? If so, drop a comment down below and tell the BuzzFeed Community what they should take pride in reading.