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    Ghosts and Angels: Romances We Love That Will Have You Saying "Ditto"

    Our heroes love to play hide and seek. But only those with a sixth sense can find these divine (and delicious) messengers. Don’t be fiendish and stop yourself from reading these 10 spirited good stories.

    Charlie Davidson series by Darynda Jones

    Darynda Jones / Via

    You hunt after those who are trapped between here and there. What’s a girl to do when a hot spirit will not leave you alone? Why, you burn up the sheets, of course...

    “This series is my absolute favorite of all PNR. It's got pretty much everything. It can be dark, mysterious, & HOT . The characters have some of the BEST chemistry, and is wildly funny, no, strike that, it's downright hilarious. Each and every person I have recommended this series to has gotten so addicted to it that they have read all 11 books (that are currently released) in a row. You just can't help but fall in love with these characters. Bay Lover got me addicted and I count down the days to the next release.”

    - Bean Town Patriot

    “Charlie is SO snarky and smart! She is just the best heroine to ever steal my heart! And don't get me started with Reyes!!! I feel like my kindle is going to set itself on fire when he starts smoldering!!”

    - Bay Lover

    Published Book One 2/1/2011

    Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror series) by Karina Halle

    Bret Taylor / Via

    The sparks fly when a sexy YouTuber meets up with real ghost hunter in a house of haunts. Will they find what they are looking for… or just another failure for the X-Files?

    “The Experiment in Terror series is PNR with a horror twist. It's ghost hunters after all! Better give it a chance! Crazy heroine, crazier hero, insane sidekicks... demons, spirits, cheated ex, blood, gore, humor...”

    - Spiritual Wanderer

    Published 05/12/2011

    Significance series by Shelly Crane

    Shelly Crane / Via

    Has life left you feeling like ‘The One’ is never going to cross your path? Our heroine was feeling the same until she met the boy who would imprint on her in ways that were otherworldly.

    “It's so good. These characters are just starting out in their lives and futures, but find themselves fighting against evil we can only imagine. Through their bond and strength, they find power and love “

    - Sassy Southerner

    Published 03/18/2015

    Fate series by Heather Lyons

    Carly Stevens / Via

    When you are magical, sometimes boy trouble can be more hassle than it’s worth. Now that dreams come true, make sure that jealousy does not become your fate. Our YA readers loved this series.

    “A YA series that will tear you in two. Angst, deception, true love, magic and two brothers... pick a team because you'll find it hard not to love them both.”

    -Little Lamb Reader

    Published Book One 08/02/2012

    The Collectors Society series by Heather Lyons

    Whit and Ware / Via

    Do your fairytales need an update? Maybe a paranormal twist? Then perhaps this series is what you’re looking for—the ultimate in a fractured fairytales.

    “Lyons takes the fairytales and stories we love and turns them on their heads. Alice is the queen fighting to save not only her world but countless others. Brilliantly written and intricately woven, jump in the rabbit hole and let this series consume you.”

    - Super Mum

    Published Book One 10/23/2014

    All of It by Kim Holden

    Brandon Hando / Via

    What is it like when the man of your dreams is just too good to be true? Our book friends loved being swept up in this whirlwind romance.

    “Dimitri and Veronica share a timeless love. It is selfless and forgiving and this book is the best kind of love story. One of my favorite parts of this book were the chapter endings, pure brilliance. Life is sometimes...."

    - Glitter Gulch Queen

    Published 11/24/2013

    The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

    Hang Le / Via

    It’s not only the ghosts and spirits that have us yearning for more. Sometimes it’s the heroes with a little something extra that make us believe in a spiritual connection.

    “The Law of Moses has all the elements of a great book. There is plenty of suspense and some twists and turns I couldn't have anticipated. It's also an epic second chance love story that shows just how much a love can overcome.”

    - Desert Bookworm

    Published 11/27/2014

    The Kricket series by Amy A. Bartol

    Regina Wamba of Mac I Design / Via

    Young love never felt so otherworldly. And never so difficult to turn away from.

    “Amy builds a world so captivating that you feel like you're drowning in it. A strong, feisty heroine, 2 love interests on different sides of the war - who will win? Not just the war but her heart?”

    - Fruit Taffy

    Published Book One 12/09/2014

    Where One Goes by B.N. Toler

    Cover to Cover Designs / Via

    No-one ever says that love is defined in the planes of reality. This sexy soldier needs our help. Who’s first to volunteer?

    “Where One Goes is one of the best love stories I've ever read. It's a journey from soul-crushing loneliness to hope. It's finding yourself again after the destruction of losing a loved one. It is truly love conquers all, especially death.”

    - Glitter Gulch Queen

    Published 03/18/2015

    The Red Order series by E.S. Carter

    Cover Me Darling / Via

    Gothic romance has never looked so beautiful. Our heroine meets her future husband with a soul blacker than her own family. But who has the most important secrets to hide? This book, and its follow up Parasight, had our readers in a frenzy to read more.

    “Do you ever get that heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach? One that leaves you waiting for the other shoe to drop. I had this feeling before the first chapter of Feyness was over and it stayed with me throughout Parasight. These books were full of suspense and the twists and turns left me second guessing myself throughout. I couldn't put these books down and fell really hard for all of these characters!!”

    -Glitter Gulch Queen

    “Feyness and Parasight, both are extremely dark with some seemingly deranged characters. These books are so well-written and compelling that even the most sinister acts are greedily soaked up by the reader, even celebrated and looked forward to. E.S. Carter is genius at weaving stories into books that you can't put down and she always leaves the door open for the "what ifs!" Awesome series which I am eagerly awaiting the next book in!

    - Gin, Tonic and Novels

    “The Red Order Series by E.S. Carter because this is not my usual genre; I have tried a few in the 'thriller'/'dark' genre and these books are the only ones I have found that have kept me on the edge of my seat, biting my fingernails to see what's going to happen to these characters that I get so engrossed in. That's why. ~boom~”

    - Hush, Grandma’s Reading

    “I loved the Red Order series, so dark, graphically descriptive with incredible imagery. I read Feyness and got swept up in the dramatic story, I thought it couldn't be topped, and then BAM! Parasight blew me away! Well-written and dealing with difficult subjects, it's dark humour brings another aspect to the story! I don't read a lot of paranormal stuff, but this I loved.”

    - Bonny Book Lass

    Published Book One 08/23/2016

    Personal Favorite: Drazen World Purgatory by Eva LeNoir

    Flip City Media, Inc. / Via

    We all wonder when we exit Earth, what awaits us? Permanent attendance at a BBQ? Or suddenly a singing voice to rival Adele's? This heroine found exactly what she was looking for.

    "PNR is not my go-to. Actually it's my avoid-to. The synopsis has to grab me in order for me to invest time. I'm a HUGE fan of CD Reiss' Songs of Submission. When I saw the Drazen World novella based on a beloved but misunderstood secondary character, I was 'all in'. So yes, having read Songs of Submission by CD Reiss does help. However, Ms. LeNoir is so talented in getting you immersed, feeding you enough back story that you feel complete. This story gives us the power of self love and how important it is to have or help those who struggle to find it."

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Published 7/10/2017

    Have We Left You With Heavenly Suggestions?

    We are feeling divine with these reads. Our spirits are lifted and feeling angelic. Followers - It’s time to give up the ghost. Don’t drift off without telling us your favorite otherworldly romance titles in the comments!

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