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Favorite Book Pimps: Book Blogs That Cost Us Money Willingly

Just reached The End on an awesome love story, and ready to submerse yourself into another HEA. Your favorite Book Retailer may not make the best suggestions. So what does a book worm do? Find a blog that fulfills your needs and empties your pocketbook. Here are twelve of our favorite romance book websites on the Internet today.

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Panda & Boodle

Beth Cranford/Panda & Boodle / Via

"Not only does this website offer awesome reviews, leads on book releases, etc., we get insight into the random thoughts about life. Whether it's a funny story about family or maybe personal journey, you feel connected like a trusted friend rather than just all about the books. This website has a .999 batting average on book recs for this reader"

- Serious Series Referee

Shh Moms Reading

Creative Whim / Via

"Not only the blog page but newsletters to keep you up to date. Denise and Christine offer honest, forthright reviews for the discriminating romance reader. Plus there's 'an App for that' you can have on your mobile device to keep up to date on the run."

- Sassy Southerner

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

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"First, their HaBO (Help a Bitch Out) is great resource for when you read a book/blurb and can't for the life of you remember that title. Plus no time to browse the web? If you like listen to podcasts while on a commute, Smart Bitches will fill you in on the latest and greatest on book talk."

- Memory Overload Reviewer

The Literary Gossip

Think Up Themes Ltd. / Via

"They review a great range of books, they host reader events so you can meet your favorite authors, and they're just... nice. I like interacting with them, because I feel like they enjoy talking about books as much as I do."

-Not A Bored Panda

Schmexy Girl Book Blog


"Count 'em: Not one, not two, but THREE reviewers to connect with. I love their weekly wrap-up because as a busy bookworm, I'm just looking for the facts."

- OCD in Reading

Vilma's Book Blog

Priceless Design / Via

"She gives an easy to find listing of favorites each year and categorizes by genre/trope. Besides romance, she reviews suspense if you need a little shock to your TBR. Plus her current 'crushing on' shopping habits. Everything a girl could love."

- Too Hot for Vegas

RT Book Reviews

RT Book Reviews © 2009 - 2017. All rights reserved. / Via

"Talk about getting wonderfully lost in a book website - This one has it ALL. Diversity in book selections, a weekly wrap up, blind date Thursdays and they host awesome reader events to connect with your favorite authors."

- Book Boyfriend Hoarder

All About Romance

All About Romance / Via

"AAR Power Search is the best thing out there to find a book review easily. I also appreciate their 'sensuality' scale. I'm not all about the heat all the time and their rating scale helps me find what I'm in the mood for."

- Bashful Victorian

Seriously, just bookmark these websites and be prepared to hand your wallet over.

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We are sure we've left off some awesome websites yet to be discovered. Comment below with your favorites as we found some change in between the couch cushions.

Next up for a future list ...Favorite Book Pages on Facebook. Make sure to include those recommendations in your comments.

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