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    Fangirl Moments: Cover Reveal For Must Read Series In Family Saga Romance

    When the opportunity arose to participate in the cover reveal hosted by Panda & Boodle for Kate Canterbary's Walsh Family saga this week, it was an opportunity to share my enthusiasm. What better way to share the new GORGEOUS covers than with my BuzzFeed friends.

    But before we get to the covers, what's a true fangirl unless she shares her love of the novels through gifs


    In other words: Hey and while I am at it, I'll share the favorite parts of my reviews you can find for My Own Bookshelves on Goodreads.

    And just so we are clear...EVERY review starts with "This is my favorite book in the series.."

    1. Underneath It All / Via

    This is the story of Matthew and Lauren

    Review Excerpt:

    "Matthew and Lauren are two of the most unlikely pair. So unlike in their drive to accomplish their goals. One is methodical and what I call a 'glue' person. Lauren is driven and so goal focused that nothing will impede her way - including herself. In a vain of honesty, if Lauren was my best friend, I would have knocked her upside the head a number of times. But what made the story work was Matthew wasn't giving up on Lauren no matter how hard she pushed. They come out of the battlefield of HEA a bit bloody and bruised but you know in the end they so deserved their love story. "

    Read the entire review here

    2. The Space Between / Via

    This is the story of Patrick and Andy

    Review Excerpt:

    "I fall desperately in love with any female lead that is driven, not a doormat in a male dominated field. When writers can bring to the page the reality without losing it to dramatics - win for me. And then Patrick. He is just one of those infuriating heroes you want to either kick in the balls or kiss his lips off. Between the angst of 'will they both give in', you've got humor and sexiness that just steams off the page. The dynamic of the push/pull that Ms. Canterbary delivers is in perfect tempo. "

    Read the entire review here

    3. Necessary Restorations / Via

    This is the story of Sam and Tiel

    Review Excerpt:

    "The journey for Sam and Tiel isn't paved with rose petals to get to a HEA. As you read through the series, you'll find yourself experience each family member through the POV of the other. You know that Sam will be complicated. He is. As a romance reader, you hope he gets a heroine who is spreads sunshine and rainbows to save our complex hero. No such luck. Ms. Canterbary gives us flawed and beautiful characters that aren't meant to save one another. This isn't the typical trope where one saves the other. Because the only way they can be saved is if they save themselves first. What they had set them to a journey to be better humans. "

    Read the entire review here

    4. The Cornerstone / Via

    This is the story of Shannon and Will

    Review Excerpt:

    "I mean COME on Will is the perfect and I mean perfect mate for Shannon. Hands down nailed the give and take, sexual tension and all the things I want in a contemporary romance. I already had a girl crush for Shannon before this book. After, I want to carry her children and worship her. She is a strong female lead - many would call a ball buster - but you get why and how she is molded to a driven and loving woman. Ms. Canterbary matches her up with a man who believes breaking and entering is permission to move in."

    Read the entire review here

    5. Restored / Via

    This is Sam and Tiel's continuation

    Review Excerpt:

    "As I stated before, Sam and Tiel are beautifully complex. And Kate Canterbary delivers an imperfect HEA. Because seriously, isn't that how real life is? "

    Read the entire review here

    6. The Spire / Via

    This is the story of Erin and ?

    Review Excerpt:

    "Although our hero is important as a loyal and loving partner, it’s Erin who steals the show in this engaging read. See, she is always on the fringes in the other stories. She is colored most often in an unflattering light from those character’s POV. So why care about a character who wants distance from her dysfunctional family? Because it’s Erin’s social awkwardness and intelligence that is so attractive to the reader."

    Read the entire review here

    7. Preservation / Via

    This is the story of Batman and his Honeybee

    Review Excerpt:

    "Riley is the goofy younger brother. The light in the dark moments. The eye roll when serious words are said. Consistently the Lou Costello to the entire family of Bud Abbotts. But lingering in the background, the reader knows there is more to RISD than unzipped flies and coffee stains. Ms. Canterbary does more than deliver. This is the PERFECT story delivery that you didn’t even know you wanted. You’ll have eye opening experiences with flashbacks to the previous POVs with delightful clarity. "

    Read the entire review here

    Now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

    ...and you are welcome.

    Okay Creations / Via

    If I could hand you a napkin to wipe the drool off your face, I would. And these beautiful book covers should grace your bookshelves not just because they are pretty to look at, but because the words are far more beautiful than any cover.

    Underneath It All

    The Space Between

    Necessary Restorations

    The Cornerstone


    The Spire


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