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    Cowboys, Ranchers & Farmers: Wranglin’ Men of Romance

    When it comes to finding the heroes that don’t mind getting dirty, these men are outfitted with enough bottom to bring a bomb-proof heart to heel. These bronc-busters aren’t outlasting their heroines when she’s aimin’ to hogtie and brand him. Our book friends found 17 recommendations to bring a romance greenhorn ace high.

    Play It Safe by Kristen Ashley

    Kristen Ashley / Via

    Separation of time does not dull the ache these characters have for one another. Once they find that they were betrayed and torn from each other, everyone can go to blazes trying to keep them apart.

    “Is there more to say other than it's a KA book and it has a swoony hot cowboy as its hero? And the heroine is equally as hot and badass?! To add more - it's a heartbreaking story, but it's written in such a way that will warm your heat and leave you breathless. Oh, and it's HOT!!!”

    - Teacher by Day

    Published 02/01/2012

    Maverick Montana series by Rebecca Zanetti

    Heather Howland / Via

    This big sugar canters in and sweeps this city girl off her feet. She finds temptation in leather to be something more than a short-term distraction.

    “It's an Entangled Brazen series so you should know what to expect - fun sexy reads that will leave you wanting.  Against the Wall - city girl is swept off her feet by the sexy smart cowboy and romance ensures. It's a sweet, sexy, heartwarming read just perfect for a 'cold' afternoon. Added bonus - he's a single father.

    - Spiritual Wanderer

    Book One Published 03/25/2013

    Lost & Found (Lost & Found series) by Nicole Williams

    Okay Creations / Via

    Our heroine is one cookie who ain’t a boot-licker; just looking to lie low. When a ranch hand with painted-on jeans and a smile for miles comes in her line of sight, she attempts to resist but realizes that happily ever after is a possibility.

    “Bad girl heroine, sweet cowboy hero with a big secret and a summer of self-discovery is all it took for this unlikely duo to fall in love. Added bonus are the extra tight jeans that leave nothing to the imagination, only how in the heck did he get in them”

    - Teacher by Day

    Hot Cowboys, Tight Jeans”

    - Little Lamb Reader

    Published 05/06/2013

    Honorable Mention: Finders Keepers

    “A spin off to the previously mentioned books, still in the same series. The town's good girl falls for the town's bad boy. But there's more than meets the eye to our hero - and once he falls in love, he falls hard but he also runs. Too bad he can't run fast enough.”

    - Teacher by Day

    Zane (Alluring Indulgence series) by Nicole Edwards

    Nicole Edwards / Via

    Saving females is just engrained in the Walker Brothers DNA. Just because he suffered a brutal attack doesn’t slow this hero down from penetrating his stubborn woman’s walls.

    “I'm going with Zane. I think the baby of the Walkers often gets forgotten but he put his life in the line for the women he loved and even after spending months in hospital he didn't walk away from Vi no matter how hard she pushed. And then just a little taster of MM thrown in with his best friend… What else can I say?”

    - Aussie Hockey Recruiter

    Published 05/16/2014

    Linger by Lauren Jameson

    Sabrina Bowers / Via

    Tables are turned on and in this storyline for our readers. You’ll be in for treat when you find this cowboy is willing and able to submit to your every pleasure.

    “It's a BDSM Cowboy Romance, except HE'S the submissive and SHE is his apprentice at his ranch. Mixed up dynamics and FIRE. Goddamn, I need to read that one again.”

    - Not a Bored Panda

    Published 09/02/2014

    Montana Men series by Jennifer Ryan

    Avon Books / Via

    Everything is bigger in Big Sky Country, and nothing is bigger than the hearts of these Montana Men, willing to do whatever it takes to ride off into the sunset with their favorite fillies.

    “I love them so much. All of them. I love how dedicated to their women they are. I love the suspense and the romance and the Montana setting and the... argh, the EVERYTHING. I've read and re-read them so many times, and it's rare I do that. But for these cowboys, I do. I SO DO.”

    - Snarky Aussie

    Published Book One 02/24/2015

    Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey

    Sarah Hansen / Via

    This cowpoke finds himself in the glittery city of Vegas. All he gambles on is winning this lawyer’s heart after a one-night stand to remember.

    “This book has it all! City girl falls for hot cowboy! There's humor galore. I just adore this book.”

    - Reposado and Romance

    Published 07/28/2015

    Honorable Mention: Mackenzie Fire

    “Fun, light read - with a HOT cowboy and a city girl, who defy the odds and fall in love . . . or not

    - Teacher By Day

    Wicked Fall (The Wicked Horse series) by Sawyer Bennett

    Sawyer Bennett / Via

    It’s not time to cut and run when our hero pulls you into The Silo. Get a wiggle on and be prepared to watch your e-Reader sizzle and smoke when these characters take a cotton to each other.

    “Woolf Jennings is FIRE. Holy hell, the kink. The chemistry. The WICKED HORSE. Basically, the everything.”

    - Snarky Aussie

    “He's a rancher with a kinky side”

    - Cuban Capo

    “We should give Tenn (from Shaken Not Stirred) a special mention because HORSEBACK SEX.”

    - Sassy Southern

    “Yes, because if Mr "Let you ride my spanking bench" is in our cowboys, then Tenn gets a definite mention for horseback sex.”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Published 07/28/2015

    Copper Ridge Cowboys Bundle by Maisey Yates

    HQN Books / Via

    These cowboys are ready to wrangle your heart and panties with their sexy, shameless seduction. Nary a female is able to resist their charms – lest these heroines are able to wiggle away.

    “Please don't make me pick one. I love them all, for different reasons but one thing remains true throughout—any trip back to this coastal Cowboy town is a damn good one.”

    - Dedicated Groupie

    Published 02/15/2016

    Matt (The Malloys of Montana series) by RC Ryan

    Ruth Ryan Langan / Via

    This cowboy is ace-high when he comes home from Italy. However, this animal rights activist has other plans. But Mother Nature isn’t going to put up with their bellyaching and traps them in a cabin where it’s sure to heat up.

    “I love Matt, Luke, Reed and Colin. Hardworking and hot. That's how I'd describe them. I don't know what else to say except I'm so sad the series is over because I'd have keep reading forever.

    - Not a Bored Panda

    Published Book One 04/26/2016

    True North series by Sarina Bowen

    Sarah Hansen / Via

    If farmers make the earth move, then our readers want to be plowed over and over again. Our heroine finds love and lust in the far Northeast that’s all wrapped in plaid deliciousness. And we want to get on that harvest time.

    “Specifically, I want to go with Bittersweet. I mean, the rest are AMAZING but there's someone about this series starter that's stuck with me. Grumpy Griff is just a plaid delight and the entire book (and yes, series) are smart, funny, sexy and probably-maybe-hell-I-can't-decide my favorite series by Ms. Bowen.”

    - Snarky Aussie

    Published Book One 06/14/2016

    Say You’ll Stay by Corinne Michaels

    Okay Creations / Via

    When life has soured the milk for the heroine, she turns back to her family’s ranch in the Tennessee hills to regroup. What she didn’t intend to find was a second chance at love with the one that took her heart seventeen years earlier…

    “Slightly older heroine + second chance romance. Good life lessons.”

    - Late Night Reader

    “The guys are all ranchers. Hot. Emotional. Wonderful

    - Bookshelf Buster

    Published 06/19/2016

    After We Fall by Melanie Harlow

    Romantic Book Affairs / Via

    This biddy isn’t just any ol’ tender foot. She’s going to go through hell fire to try to bring up this ranch to refinement. But this cowboy has her misbehavin’ in all sorts of ways.

    “There is nothing I love more than reading about a tortured hero finding his peace, this book is that and so much more. I loved witnessing the heat and passion between this country boy and his city girl!!!”

    - Glitter Gulch Queen

    Published 11/26/2016

    The Men Of At Ease Ranch series by Donna Michaels

    Heather Howland / Via

    This calico is fit to be tied when she gets in a snarl with an envious bovine. From book one, the cowboys continue to get hotter and they won’t be fixin’ to give up easily on the heroines.

    “They're former rangers turned ranchers/construction workers, building a safe haven for vets returning from overseas and also, smoking hot. I love them all but the latest one, The Right Ranger is my favorite.”

    - Dedicated Groupie

    Published Book One 11/28/2016

    Cowboys & Virgins Complete Bundle by Alexa Riley

    Alexa Riley / Via

    Are you looking for a mail-order bride? Maybe feel like branding a few strays? How ‘bout fixin’ to tie you up for a coons age? This bundle has every cowpoke’s desire.

    “It's one book with four stories in it. Yet all connect. The stories are OTT and super fun/funny and way HOT. A fantastic book to pick up and read one story in a sitting then come back to later on and not feel like you have to reread to remind you what is going on.”

    - Bean Town Patriot

    Published 01/31/2017

    Boot Knockers Ranch series by EM Petrova

    EM Petrova / Via

    These characters know where to find love in all the right places. Be careful or you may find yourself caught up in some hogging string and not want to get away from these sexy cowboys.

    SEXY SEXY SEXY. It's a ranch filled with delicious, hot cowboys who moonlight as sex therapists and holy ménage/cowboy/MM perfection, Batman. These books are most definitely panties optional.”

    - Not a Bored Panda

    Published 03/29/2017

    If you’ve been Caterwaulin’ for a great read… / Via

    …then this list is what you’ve been hackerin’ for. We’ve wrangled up our top reads when looking for a cowpoke that lasts longer than eight-seconds. Lite and set awhile with your e-Reader and a few of these books. Did we miss your favorite? Thunderation! Drop your favorite romance stories in the comments!

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