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    Brace Your Elfs: Old And New Holiday Romance Series Yule Fall For

    Our book friends met up with Jacob Marley and his band of brothers to share their favorite Holiday romance from beloved series. After an enlightening evening, we have six books to present to our followers to unwrap. Don your 'kerchief, sip on a hot toddy and get ready to hear the tales of three books from Christmas Past, one book from Christmas Present and two books from Christmas Yet to Come.

    Ghost of Christmas Past has stories NOT to be forgotten / Via

    Sometimes it’s old friends who don’t deserve to be overlooked when filling up your e-Reader.

    Once Upon A Winter’s Eve (Spindle Cove Series) by Tessa Dare

    Eve Ortega / Via

    A lovely young lady attending the ball finds herself in the clutches of a dashing and dangerous criminal. But will he be able to whisper her out of her pantaloons before the night is over?

    “It is such a fun, sexy wintertime/holiday story. It is historical but I think Tessa is the most approachable historical author out there. It's contemporary romance with dukes and duchesses.”

    - Random Acts of Brilliance

    Published 11/15/11

    Under The Mistletoe With Me (With Me In Seattle series) by Kristen Proby

    Sara Eirew / Via

    New changes bring new stress to any stable long-term relationship. Should voicemails and texts send our heroine to the mistletoe or to an attorney?

    “I LOVE that she takes you inside the world of an already married Isaac and Stacy.”

    - Fashion Forward Teacher

    “Ms Proby was absolutely correct in her blurb when she said 'Under The Mistletoe With Me ‘reminds us of what it means to reconnect with the person you love the most, even if they never left in the first place.’ Ms. Proby painted a vivid picture of the extended Montgomery clan. The love this family shares and banter between the siblings will warm your heart.”

    - Puck Mom

    Published 12/13/12

    Holidays with the Walker Brothers (Alluring Indulgence series) by Nicole Edwards

    Nicole Edwards / Via

    Is a little bit of snow in Texas going to stop this band of brothers from getting their every holiday wish? With the Walker Brothers there is always plenty of heat to help warm up their loved ones.

    “Hot Walker Brothers ✔️Family time ✔️Sexy times ✔️✔️✔️Did I say HOT Walker brothers?? Seriously, it was a great novella that allowed you to catch up with all your favourite couples and triads 😍”

    - Little Lamb Reader

    Omg!!! What's not to love about the Walker family! Nicole has outdone herself on writing this! Amazing!!!

    - Coffee Best Served Down Under

    Published 05/16/14

    Ghost of Christmas Present and Future deserve their turn / Via!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2016/11/28/826/n/1922153/bba373e115364a5c_cutie.gif

    New Year means new reads. Time to look ahead for what should be in your stocking.

    Ghost of Present has dropped in with: Countdown to Midnight (Blueberry Lane series) by Katy Regnery

    Katy Regnery / Via

    Busy, single and ready to mingle is what has sent these sisters out for some holiday fun. However, another pair of siblings from the lane may have new ways to keep the fires burning. The ski slopes may deliver a few bumps before they slip into the New Year.

    “This definitely is a book I would recommend to any fan of The Blueberry Lane Series. You get the final story of Elizabeth Story & Merit Atwell and Jane Story & Amity Atwell. Can second chances really be just what both these couples need? New Year, New Lives. With Every book of this series you meet incredible couples and meet incredible families but this one will be the one that ties it all up in a pretty bow.”

    - Reading is a New York State of Mind

    "Oh this book. It’s everything I love and have been missing about the Blueberry Lane series. Light, fun, romantic. It’s the kind of story that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I desperately hope we get more of these stories!"

    - Fashion Forward Teacher

    “This is a perfect closure to a beloved series. Fans will not be disappointed with the magic of the holidays giving these two couples a second chance to have their holiday wishes come true. This is the perfect companion read to pick up on your travels to have you arrive with a smile on your face.”

    -My Own Bookshelves

    Published 12/11/17

    Ghost of Yet-to-Come Will Shortly Deliver: Thresholds (The Walsh series) by Kate Canterbary

    Okay Creations / Via

    It’s a recipe for disaster when you mix a family of six siblings and their dearly beloved with two spicy in-laws. Add a sprinkling of salty co-workers and there will be a more-than-healthy serving of paella for everyone. Our favorite family cannot do the holidays without a few mishaps wrapped up in yuletide cheer.

    “After 7 books, Kate doesn’t fail to dazzle us with the Walshes. Her books are like going home to see the family, the crazy one! And Because the Walshes put the fun in holiday dysfunction and because there’s nothing hotter than Walsh men going Christmas shopping”

    - Reading is Indoor Sport with Orange is my Black

    “Christmas time is meant to be spent with family. Ever since Underneath It All, I have felt like I am just as much a part of the Walsh clan as any of the characters. I laughed and cried and shared their joys.”

    - Accents in Read

    "Getting lost in the Walsh universe is like hanging out with old friends. You laugh, you cry, you get immersed in Boston with real people you can’t get enough of. It’s smart, sexy, and crafted beautifully. Thresholds embodies all of that and more."

    -Reading in ALL caps

    "I loved Thresholds because it’s like revisiting family members you haven’t seen for a while and that’s what the Walshes are to me, family. You can relate to each character, my spirit animal is Shannon and everyone knows that I get quite stabby for Will. Thresholds is that warm fuzzy blanket you love snuggling up to during a cold winter’s night, with laugh-out-loud, hot sexy times and bittersweet moments."

    - Bringing Romance to Light

    “I devoured this story in hours. Readers get the full holiday treatment of only what a Walsh Family Christmas can be. We hear from all our favorite members and then some. Any fan of the series- this is an addition that CANNOT be missed.”

    -My Own Bookshelves

    Release Date 12/14/17

    EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL from Ghost of Christmas Future: A Crazy Christmas by B. Cranford

    Jill Sava, Love Affair With Fiction / Via

    It won’t seem like Christmas on our e-Readers if we don’t have The Brightest Star and A Little Bit of Crazy to decorate our heart and minds with holiday sparkle. This story will be bringing readers a delightful look at many Christmas firsts.

    And to the delight of our BuzzFeed followers you get the first
    at the cover!

    "If you thought you couldn’t be more amazed at the depth of the all-encompassing love shared by Bright and Seb, you were wrong. If you thought that you couldn’t possibly adore the love shared by Declan and Jade more, you were wrong. And if you thought you had seen the best of what Beth Cranford has to offer, grab some tissues and hold on tight, because you’re in for a little bit of crazy and a whole lot of Christmas wonder."

    -Bohemian Babe

    “Fans of B Cranford’s debut duet are going to be ecstatic for this enchanting and honest tale. There isn't a man or woman who has struggled with finding the perfect gift. We get enjoy the fun without the crowds. Once again we are gifted with a story to fill our hearts with joy as we see our favorite couples navigate the holidays together.”

    - My Own Bookshelves

    Release Date 12/20/17

    (subject to change)

    Now it is time to curl up for a long winter’s read / Via

    Did we whet your appetite for holiday themed stories? Was six not quite enough? Hang onto to your sleigh bells as we have more book recommendations coming before the New Year.

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