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All’s Fair In Love And War: Veterans Of Romance

Once these brave men and women come home, it’s a different battle that these stories tell. And our hearts are on the line. When the uniform comes off, these heroes and heroines can’t stop the desire to serve and protect. Our book friends pursued their shelves and found 19 recommendations that will remind you why we love the brave.

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Because Of You (A Coming Home) By Jessica Scott

Loveswept / Via

A near fatal attack brings this veteran back to the arms of a woman he couldn’t forget. Yet, she has her own demons and scars to overcome on their way to a happily ever after.

“Jessica is a veteran herself, she writes patriotic, strong men and woman who are loyal, compassionate and smart while being in command. Her series illustrate the effects service”

- Reading is an Indoor Sport

Published Book 2: 11/14/2011

Shelter Mountain (Virgin River Series) BY Robyn Carr

Harlequin / Via

He is the gentle giant of the mountain. When the heroine and her son need shelter, he does his best to save them from the cold. However, an ex-husband comes back and suddenly it is not just the cold to battle.

Strong veteran presence in the small town some served together, some come to VR to recoup, others to find themselves. It’s a wonderful camaraderie.”

- Books, Dogs or Kids

Published 2/1/2013

Off Limits (The Off Limits Series) By Sawyer Bennett

Big Dog Books / Via

This Hero is strictly off limits: his house, his workshop – his entire life. But when the heroine comes to help him, she does more than fix his scattered life but picks up the pieces of his broken heart.

“Nix Caldwell from Off Limits is the man! He has faced so much in his life and military career, and comes out facing survivors guilt. This book is filled with so much emotion and Author Sawyer Bennett does a phenomenal job bringing these characters to life.

- Sassy Southern

“Nix is one of those heroes you either want to kick their ass or hug the stuffing out of them. And Emily is one of those perfectly crafted heroines that is perfect for him in every way. Watching her not back down and take on this gruff man kept me engaged and wanting to have more of this couple.”

- My Own Bookshelves

Published 4/14/2013

Honorable Mention:

The Hard Truth About Sunshine

“I thought it gave an honest representation of the resentments that veterans may have, and adjusted how I might react toward them. Even though we're all grateful for their sacrifice they might not want to hear about it. I loved this book and all its raw emotions.”

- Bonny Book Lass

Featured in Wonder Women: Here Come The Girls - Strong Female Leads list

Safe With Me (With Me In Seattle Series) By Kristen Proby

Kristen Proby / Via

This SEAL doesn’t know that once you leave the service, it’s time to stand down. The heroine and her two daughters need the protection only he can provide 24/7. Being in close proximity means that this battle may include their hearts.

“Caleb uses his skills as a former Navy SEAL to protect Brynna and her girls, but his battle with PTSD pushes him away. Watching Caleb come to terms with Brynna's unconditional love is beautiful.”

- Fashion Forward Teacher

“One of the best books and does such a good job highlighting the struggles PTSD can bring.”

- Bookshelf Buster

“With Me in Seattle is one of my favorite series. And Caleb is no slouch in the alpha male department. He is so focused on protecting, he doesn’t see that he’s got the perfect opportunity in front of him. Watching him fall hard make this romance reader swoon.”

- My Own Bookshelves

Published Book 5 9/21/2013

Corps Security - The Series By Harper Sloan

Sara Eirew / Via

The US Marines brought these men together under the toughest circumstances. This bond extends through the service when they form a company together. What they don’t count on is a few lovely heroines to make them realize that a happily ever after should be in the business plans.

“Locke is wicked smart but holds himself at arms length because all he can see are his demons and the darkness that threatens to consume him. All this makes him feel like no one would or should care about him. Too bad Emmy sees past all this and if he doesn’t push her too far she may just light up his whole existence. There was just something about Maddox Locke that was so intriguing from the first book in the series. You see him all broody and dark; you see Emmy pining for him and when he finally gives into his feelings and embraces the light, it’s everything you hoped.”

- Bookshelf Buster

Published 1/13/2015

Hero By Night (Independence Falls Series) By Sara Jane Stone

Avon Impulse / Via

Our heroine gets an unexpected late night visitor that threatens to wreak havoc on her attempt to be a civilian again. Unfortunately, this playboy needs a fake girlfriend to keep his job. Will this pair forge a partnership that can last beyond outward appearances?

Badass female army vet who has PTSD and a cool as shit service dog named Hero. Can’t go wrong!”

- Accents in Read

Published Book 3 1/20/2015

Fisher’s Light By Tara Sivec

Michelle Preast / Via

War and separation do more to a relationship than just time and location problems. When this couple’s problems seem larger than any enemy encampments, can they find their way back to each other? Or each take a separate course?

“Ms Sivec masterfully weaves the past and present together as she allows the reader to experience these two falling in love and then has the reader witness the spiral of PTSD that rips them apart. Ms. Sivec did true justice for those who suffer from PTSD with this story. This poignant look at PTSD, one that will likely pierce your heart as it did mine, is the kind of story that will stick with you for long after you close your kindle.”

- Puck Mom

“Man comes back from war, not ready to face the woman he loves. It’s a beautiful story of redemption, understanding and love.”

- Reading is an Indoor Sport

“I absolutely adore this book! It’s beautiful!”

- Fashion Forward Teacher

“This second chance love story just took me completely by surprise. I just loved it.”

- Bookshelf Buster

Published 3/22/2015

Hostage Rescue Team Series By Kaylea Cross

Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs / Via

When Uncle Sam calls for our heroes to return to service in an elite team for the FBI, they all answer the call to honor and protect. However, the men better hold on because the women they choose aren't easy marks.

“HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) series is about the FBI’s elite HRT which is made up of former “operators” like SEALs, Delta Force, PJs, etc. It’s romantic suspense so the plots are exciting, the H’s are *super* hot, the h’s are smart and strong in their own right and they don’t shy away from tough topics. Avenged (#5) specifically deals with PTSD.”

- Books, Dogs or Kids

Published 4/11/2015

Fatal Pursuit (The Aegis Series) By Elisabeth Naughton

Eileen Carey / Via

Like most strong female leads, this heroine doesn’t like the boss to take the lead on a mission to find her former lover. But the mission turns up hotter than expected in more ways than one.

“It’s a combination of romantic suspense and boss/employee. Jake is a former SEAL and CEO of Aegis Security and his assistant Marley is no wallflower either. There’s action, intrigue and sexy times in the jungle.”

- Books, Dogs or Kids

Published 7/28/2015

Solider’s Heart (Wounded Love Novel) By Megan Green

Megan Green / Via

Lost and without a home, this soldier feels like the strays that run the streets - angry and wounded. Finding a safe haven in a service dog center may mend his guilt but finding the heroine may be the prescription for his heart.

“This book has such heart, it's a slow burn low angst read Emma whose fiancé was killed in action runs a dog training center. Dogs that assist veterans. Isaiah is sent to volunteer at the center as part of his therapy - he lost men in his last mission and feels guilt and anger. I loved watching Emma turn that around and start his healing process as they fall In love”

- Bonny Book Lass

Published 3/29/2016

Save Me By Heidi McLaughlin

Heidi McLaughlin / Via

This SEAL believed all his missions were complete. He comes home to the hardest mission of all: find his family who has vanished.

“Tucker McCoy proudly served as a Navy SEAL. The only thing he loves more than his team is his wife and daughter. After returning from a long term mission to find nothing is as they thought; he also finds his family has vanished. This is a story of sacrifice, a fight for honor and family. Shows the consequences of service and betrayal. I loved this book! Tucker and his team aren’t sure who they can trust. I loved the intrigue and fight from Tucker to reclaim his life.”

- Bookshelf Buster

Published 4/5/2016

Towards The Sound Of Chaos By Carmen Jenner

Hang Le / Via

From the sands of Afghanistan to the quiet country lanes of Alabama, this Marine is looking for peace. In turn, he finds is a woman and her son who deserve his strong will to find happiness.

“Single mom, wounded Veteran, a special needs child and therapy dogs how could you possibly go wrong?? I think I loved this book most of all because nothing had an instant answer, the demons Jake brought home with him are an ongoing battle and that seems so much more realistic.”

- Glitter Gulch Queen

Published 5/18/2016

American Bad Boy By Eddie Cleveland

Eddie Cleveland / Via

Missing a leg doesn’t slow down this bad boy from West Point’s swagger. He may think he is going to save the day by swooping in like Captain America. Yet, this Heroine has a secret to keep that will make his victory an uphill climb.

“This second chance romance is a fantastic story of overcoming. Overcoming life changing injuries, and years full of heartbreak and secrecy isn’t easy, but Mack and Lauren but the effort in to make it worth it.”

- Fashion Forward Teacher

Published 6/23/2016

A Thousand Letters By Staci Hart

Quirky Bird / Via

A boy who wants to make the world safer after 9/11 returns as a hardened soldier. The Hero isn’t the boy the heroine remembers. But a second chance at love may heal both their wounds.

“It was emotionally devastating yet you held on. The hero enlisted to get away. He grew up, came back stronger - 7 years he away. Based on Jane Austen’s Persuasion.”

- Books, Dogs or Kids

Published 2/9/2017

Fighting Temptation (Men Of Honor Series) By KC Lynn

Cover to Cover Designs / Via

This time the fight is not going to be found on the fields of war. There is a new enemy out to make sure this Hero will not get his HEA. However, five years isn’t long enough for the Hero to give up his pledge to protect.

“Loved Jaxson and Julia. There were a number of witty banter parts that really got me smiling and laughing to myself. Some predictability to the story, but overall a very cute and fun taming of a 'bad' boy. Jaxson's hot - very hot - a must for all you book boyfriend collectors! :) Loved Grams and her forwardness.”

- Pasadena Rose

“These books would be great to recommend for Veteran’s day because they follow 3 Navy Seals who have returned home (been discharged) from a mission that left them injured mentally and physical.”

- SoCaliReader

Published 5/27/2017

Love In A Sandstorm (Pine Harbor Series) By Zoe York

Zoe York / Via

An explosion forces these lovebirds apart. Our heroine knows there is heartbreak in the next battle for this Captain’s heart, but worth the pain.

“It's the story of a Canadian Armed Forces member who meets a Canadian midwife, who is volunteering at a refugee camp, while he is deployed. It touches on so many current world events, in a very sensitive way. Sean, the hero, is injured and Jenna, the heroine, fights for him once he's back in Canada. It's very realistic, and handled with care. Flashbacks show us the beginning of their story and the present is their second chance. Sean is dealing with physical and mental injuries from combat, and Jenna is trying to get through to the man she loves.”

- Reading in ALL Caps

Published 7/25/2017

Veterans Who Have Served Our Lists Before

Marianna Nowicki, Amy Harmon Romantic Book Affairs / Via

These books were all featured in recent lists. When thinking about those stories our book friends love, these three are page turners we don’t want to leave behind:

After The Fall by Melanie Harlow read here on our Cowboys, Ranchers & Farmers: Wranglin' Men of Romance list

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These Titles Will Hold Your Heart Safe / Via

We hope to have filled your eReader with a platoon of men and women whose honor makes our hearts melt as no mission is too difficult. Did we leave off your favorite romance stories featuring a veteran? Drop those recommendations in the comments!

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