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11 Things Only Super-Ambitious People Understand

It's in your blood.

1. You're the first to admit that sometimes you take on more than you probably should.

2. But as soon as someone says you can't do something, it only makes you determined to prove them wrong.

3. You're a master problem-solver, so it's not often something stands in your way.

4. You get frustrated working for other people, especially if you don't feel challenged.

5. And your worst nightmare is to still be doing the exact same thing in 20 years.

6. You work best when surrounded by people who inspire and challenge you.

7. And you've learned how to block out those negative people who just want to ruin your vibe.

8. You've always got some sort of side project going on.

9. Sometimes you work ridiculously long hours without even realising.

10. You rarely wait for permission to do anything.

11. And it's not that you don't have fears – you just don't let them hold you back.

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