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    15 Reasons Madonna Is Still Cool

    Madonna has been in the business for over 30 years, and she is still one of the coolest celebrities out there.

    1. She's one of the coolest moms around

    2. She loves Instagram

    3. Her birthday parties are way better than yours

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    While some of us gather our friends at a bar on the lower east side when our birthdays roll around, Madonna celebrated turning 55 in a fashion befitting the famously dramatic, often outlandish pop star. That is, with an over-the-top French Revolution-inspired costume bash. The guest of honor channeled, naturally, Marie Antoinette, the Gallic country's last queen who memorably said "Let them eat cake!" before later meeting her demise at the guillotine. Fit and fabulous, Madonna wore a gold and diamond grill on her teeth, a heart-shaped eyepatch over one eye, an enormous teased blond wig, a purple, cleavage-baring corset leotard -- and no pants!

    4. She plays dress up whenever she can

    5. She makes her latest project available as a free torrent

    6. She hangs out with other cool celebrities

    7. She makes going to the gym feel like a party

    8. She can easily find a date online

    9. She has dirty dreams about Brad Pitt

    10. She hangs out with her exes

    It wouldn't be the first time in the 24 years they've been divorced that Madonna and Sean Penn hung out together. At a party Madonna threw in September, Sean was the first guest to arrive, and the former "Poison Penns" took the opportunity for a warm embrace and casual chit-chat.

    11. She sticks up for people who are bored at the movies and feel like playing candy crush instead

    12. Madonna's Halftime show is the most watched television event EVER

    13. She can still dance better than your faves

    14. She looks better in a corset than ever

    15. She is the highest earning musician of 2013