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    The Five Stages Of Grief Over Your Celebrity Crush's Engagement

    "What do you mean our love wasn't real? I watched everything he was in! Even the bad stuff! For him! How could he do this to me?!"

    1. Denial

    I saw nothing. I read nothing. Everything is fine. I'm fine. Why is everyone sending me links to these clearly fake articles?

    2. Anger

    The news is LITERALLY everywhere! But it felt so real! We were going to find each other one day! WHYYYY?

    3. Bargaining

    I will stop eating pizza and he will be single again. I promise. Except right this second. This will be my last slice for forever. I need to eat this particular slice just to be sure it's my last so that he'll be mine. It's a small price to pay when you think about it. Mmmm pizza...

    4. Depression

    You cry and your tears are for all the imaginary good times you thought up in your head and also because you kind of miss pizza on top everything else. It's been a really tough few hours.

    5. Acceptance

    I mean really! I'm still going to watch everything he's in all the time always! Wait...OMG! This is amazing! This beautiful specimen has met another beautiful person and they're in love and now they can populate the world with amazing babies, I'm so excited!

    And To The Future Mr and Mrs Cumberbatch

    At least Tom Hiddleston is still available!

    Right? RiGhT! RIGHT?

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