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  • 7 Things You Learn On A Date At A Comedy Club

    You can do a lot of fun things on a date. Dinner, movies, beat up a bum and take his pants. On second thought, there aren’t really any good movies out… But you can definitely do the other two! Or go to a Comedy Club! A good laugh, a couple drinks and you’re on your way to do the no pants dance. (Assuming you lost that bum’s pants from earlier.) But a date at a Comedy Club can be educational. Here are some things you might find out about your other half at a Comedy Show.

  • 10 Rude Things To Say To A Comedian

    Most Comedians are very socially awkward people. It’s just in our nature. The way God made us. (Or if you’re like most comics, the way “whatever the hell put us on earth that was most definitely NOT God or anything like him” made us.) A lot of times, we would LOVE to talk to you before or after shows. It’s great! Or if we meet you for the first time in a social setting, we would LOVE to answer all your questions about comedy. We love it! We could go on for hours! BUT, in that time, people occasionally let one of these gems slip out. If you say any of these things to a Stand-Up Comedian, they hate you. Or if you have ever said any of these things to a Comedian, contact them, and apologize. Here we go.

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