You Have To Watch This Guy Sing A Whitney Houston Classic At The Karaoke World Championships

This guy makes Whitney proud.

1. Today was the first day of competition at the three-day World Karaoke Championships in Finland.

This is the 11th year of the international competition where regional champions from over 30 countries face off in live karaoke.

2. There were lots of ballads.

3. And ballads with fedoras.

4. And rocking out.

5. And notes held for a really long time.

6. And then there was this guy.

8. But no one did their cover justice like Chris from Sweden.

9. Chris won Sweden’s finals last month and showed up ready to conquer.

10. He chose to sing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

11. He worked it out.

12. And threw the appropriate amount of trademark diva stank on the song.

13. It was a performance that would’ve made the late queen celebrate.

14. Check it out for yourself:

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