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    Why The Kimye Video Is The Most Pure Expression Of Love Ever


    Kanye premiered the video for his love song "Bound 2" on Ellen today.

    The video features the greatest couple of all time, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, taking a romantic ride through the green screen desert of America's heart.

    Director Nick Knight somehow found surreal images of nature that are somewhat close to the power of Kimye's love.

    Oh, and magical horses and an eagle too.

    Kim is so in love that her hair is not being blown by the wind but simply being waved around by Aphrodite.

    That is not a breeze, that is amour in the air.

    No wind machines are necessary when your heart is that full.


    And Kanye?

    This is how you celebrate finding "the one."

    When you're that deep in love, all you can do is stand up on your bike and scream to the heavens.

    Nothing is as perfect as the two of them together.

    Love is that one look when you know it's real.

    And being able to hold one other close in a warm embrace.

    It's about that real hug.

    And those soft kisses.

    It's important to be with someone who makes you laugh.

    I mean, really makes you giggle.

    You need someone who will never let you go.

    Someone who can make you feel like all is right in the world with just one touch.

    Kimye are the human manifestation of pure ecstasy.

    Kanye said it best: "There's only one brand now, and that's family."

    Check out the video for yourself and remember to tell that special person you love them.