Valerie Jarrett Isn’t Very Familiar With One Direction

The White House senior adviser was asked for her favorite boy band, because…sure, why not.

1. White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett appeared this week on popular YouTube star Tyler Oakley’s show “Top That” to promote signups for Obamacare.

2. In the show’s lightning round, Jarrett was asked to name her favorite boy band…

3. And when Oakley suggested One Direction, she blanked…

Oops. She eventually went with Earth, Wind & Fire.

4. When asked who her favorite TV presidents are, Jarrett said that she prefers Scandal’s Olivia Pope and House Of Cards’ Claire Underwood to any fictional POTUS.


5. Jarrett also appeared in another PopSugar video in which she had to identify celebrities based on pictures of their injuries.

6. When shown this picture of a neck injury, Jarrett said…

7. “That looks like a Kardashian, don’t you think,” but eventually chose the correct answer which was Jersey Shore star Snooki.

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