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"Jews For Jesus Piece" Is The Christmas Song You'll Love And Your Grandma Won't Understand

The comedy duo ItsTheReal released their ode to religious neckwear just in time for Christmas.

Jeff and Eric Rosenthal, better known as the hip-hop comedy duo ItsTheReal, really love chains.

So much so that the Jewish brothers recorded a Christmas anthem called "Jews For Jesus Piece."

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It's the first song off their mixtape which will come out next year. It's the followup to their debut mixtape Urbane Outfitters, which featured Bun B, Maino, and Lil Jon.

They know that holy accessories make the most mundane chores completely enjoyable.

Including doing laundry.

And even the horrible wintertime pastime of shoveling out the driveway.

Jeff knows that gold chains are the special ingredient you need for every recipe.

And Eric knows that they're fun to spin around your neck.

If you wear them while pretending to be Drake, you might just fool some people.

They even somehow make pizza taste even better.

But if your neck hurts too much from rocking badass jewelry, you can just be like Macklemore and thrift your chains away.

You can download the song here.