Ira Glass Finally Joins Twitter And He’s Already "Bored"

The beloved This American Life host tells BuzzFeed why he gave in.

1. This American Life host Ira Glass posted his first tweet ever Monday.

Glass told BuzzFeed that he decided to post on Twitter to promote the release of the recorded version of his show — “Is it whorish that I’m starting on twitter to push a video download we’re offering? Is that bad?” — but plans to continue posting past the film’s release.

“Until now I’ve always thought of Twitter as a fine alternative for anyone who doesn’t have their own radio show,” Glass said. “But it seems fun. Though weird to be competing for cleverness on a playing field with, like, the funniest, cleverest people alive. That does not seem promising.”

Glass had signed up for the site in 2008 but had not posted until now. He told The Independent in May that he was not on Twitter because he “did not need another creative outlet.”

3. In typical Glass fashion, his second tweet accurately mirrored the human experience.

“Worried already that I will become obsessed and do nothing else,” Glass said. “They got Lady Gaga on this thing? Kidding.”

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